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How to Overcome Unworthiness

how to overcome unworthiness

How to Overcome Unworthiness Hey, it’s Joeaux. Recently I was reading the book called Becoming Michelle Obama. It really struck me, as I was reading about her childhood, that she constantly battled with unworthiness. Probably no different to you and I. This week’s video is about how to overcome unworthiness. Is Unworthiness Holding You Back? […]

About the Selenite Swords

about selenite swords

About the Selenite Swords Joeaux: Hi. I’m Joeaux Robey and I’m here with Marilyn Harper. And I wanted to just record a quick conversation with her about the selenite swords. We are in a hotel room as we travel across the country at events with Lee Carroll, and also with our own plurkshops (play+work). And […]

Anchoring in the Positive

anchoring in the positive

Anchoring in the Positive Hey, it’s Joeaux. How are you doing? Marilyn always used to say to me, “Anchor that in. Anchor that feeling in.” And I never really knew what she meant. And then one day I realized… oh, it’s like anchoring in the positive. The Happy Dance Do you know that there’s a […]

Thank Your Body

thank your body

Thank Your Body This week’s weekly message is about your body. Don’t you LOVE your body? Have you thanked your body? It serves such a great purpose. It holds your bones in place. It holds your organs all together. It holds your muscles and your nerves. And, it would be really hard to keep all […]

Stop Freaking Out!

stop freaking out

Stop Freaking Out! Freaking out, take two… Of course, you didn’t ever see take one. But we just want to let you know that when you’re freaking out over something and, I mean, you know, you’re pulling your hair out, you’re throwing things, you’re yelling and you’re screaming, or you’re sitting there going: “Ah, how […]

How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How to Manifest Whatever You Desire Marilyn: I have a voice! A little voice, but I still have a voice. Joeaux: You do. And after a full weekend here in Houston, Texas…where we met AGAIN, the most amazing people with our friend, K8. Marilyn: It’s so fascinating because what we’re teaching in our Plurkshops (play […]

The Year of Self Care

the year of self care

It’s the Year of Self Care Good morning! I am the voice of Marilyn today because she wouldn’t slow down. And the Universe has this way of…if you don’t slow down…they’re gonna slow you down. And what she wants me to tell you is that this year is all about self care. You’ve got to […]