The Lightworker’s Guide to {{{Energetic}}} Marketing

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The Lightworker's Guide to (Energetic) Marketing

Part 2

9 Action Items to Springboard
Your Business Into 2013

This is the 2nd part of our series. If you missed the first part, you can listen to it here – – though it’s NOT a requirement for part 2.

Last time, we discussed the mysteries of marketing and how “intention” mixed with technology can catapault your business into the next Dimension, literally. This series, you’ll get 9 action steps to glide you into 2013: one foot grounded and; the other foot in the ethers.

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We all agree – – – there IS a higher calling. If not, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now So, hyper-intelligent being : ), you know you have access to a higher calling but do you leverage in in your business?

Why do so many lightworkers fall behind in technology and opportunities that could truly take their special gifts into the next dimension? We’ll give you a hint… Imitation is NOT the best form of flattery, especially when YOU are the imitator.

Join Marilyn Harper, Joeaux Robey, and Sherryl Frauenglass in a lively, fun discussion about how they utilize energy + technology, from home, to reach people all over the planet – – – and you can too!

Their Legendary Approach Has Resulted In:

  • More earnings in a single month, than the entire previus year
  • Revenue increases of 800%
  • 600% increase in email marketing list
  • 10,000s + of new exposures through social media
  • International expansion and opportunities

This and so much more – – despite loads of mistakes along the way.

In Part 2, You’ll Learn the 9-Must-Do-Steps for 2013:

  • The brilliance of the “Bliss List”
  • Why 3 targets are better than 1
  • How to get your friends to write you best tagline ever
  • How to turn prospects into clients by storytelling
  • Seeing the Spiritual “neon” signs
  • The 1 thing you MUST do before 2013
  • Weathering the perfect brand-brainstorm
  • The minimum requirements for diving in online
  • How to go oversoul to oversoul to clench a deal
Of course, there’ll be a bonus tip! Pay attention because it’s all part of the strategy. By the end of this 90 minutes, you’ll get a step-by-step game plan that will set you a part from all of your competitors and have you saying, “what competitors?”
You are a Spiritual being attempting to do business on this Planet, Earth – – – Use it to your advantage! The universe intends for you to be ALL that you are and so much more!

About Your Hosts:

Marilyn, Joeaux, and Sherryl - Lightworker's Guide to MarketingMarilyn Harper, Personal and Medical Intuitive, has been connecting to her guides and angels since 1996 – – when she began to channel a being named Adironnda. She has helped 1000s of people find their joy and connect with their own Spiritual gifts.

Joeaux Robey, SEO and Internet Marketer – MBA, was an online marketing executive in LA and suddenly, two years ago, woke up! Since then she has helped Marilyn to build her business 8X and now wants to show other Lightworkers to do the same.

Sherryl Frauenglass, Social Media Marketer, has catapualted her clients’ and her own business through the use of FaceBook as a networking platform for business. She wants to show you just how easy it is to grow your business from the comforts of your home.

These 3 women have joined forces to show you how to tap into your intuition, mix it with a little technology and the Internet (don’t be afraid : ) and expand your business beyond your wildest imagination. They’ll teach you the importance of grounding while shooting your energy into the ethers. It’s simple, it’s fun, and YOU CAN DO IT. After all, the Universe is your cheerleader.

Yaaay! Go you!!!

Marilyn Talks About Mastering Bliss

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Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Action-Packed Webinar . . .

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The Preview is over but you can watch the Preview replay here >


Drumming Circles and Raising Your Vibration

By Joeaux Robey

Drumming circles used to scare the *bejeezus* out of me! Years ago I avoided them at all costs. Rather,  I am the car drummer, practicing solo on the steering wheel at 70 MPH down the freeway…

We will! We will! Rock youslap, slap! Rock you – slap, slap!

I learned it wasn’t really about me.

Drumming is all about the vibration of the group and raising our frequency with each strike of the drum. Letting go of my insecurity, I immediately felt the vibration deep within my soul along with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, respect and honor for the animal totems that gave their skins, and a connection to the Mother Earth and my Native American roots.

Finished drum with Grey Wolf's kit

Enter Cliff “Grey Wolf the Drum Maker.’ Creator of amazing Native American drum kits.

These are the kits we will be using to make our own drums in September at Mt. Ida, Arkansas during our Rock ‘N Rhythms retreat. I’m very excited! After allowing them to cure for 2 days, we will go out under the full moon and have our own drumming circle.

Click here to see a step-by-step demonstration of the creating these drums.

Now, I’ve experienced drumming circles capture the heart of those who let go enough to engage and encounter. Namely myself. Physiologically, intuitively and analytically. The aerobics increase your heart rate and blood flow. Striking the drum engages both sides of your brain, intuitive and analytic, feminine and masculine as you hit it with your right hand and then your left hand, creating rhythm, vibration.

Drumming synchronizes energy – – bringing people together, inspiring one another and creating enthusiasm. It engages all walks of life, even the rhythmically challenged. Drumming links us to the Earth, energizing and clearing our Chakras – healing and transforming!

Most of all, drumming circles are fun, pure joy, and isn’t that what it is all about?

…and the beat goes on… da-da-da-da-daaa …yes, the beat goes on!

Guided Meditation Methods

By Marilyn Harper

Guided meditation methods and silent meditation methods each have their place in a spiritual practice.  Utilizing both silent and guided meditation provides you with more balance in your life.

When we have a “busy mind,” a “chaotic life,” that is simply the energy that floats around us most of our day.  When we have a peaceful mind at the start of our day, at least that inner peace has a chance to survive.  That is where a guided mediation can come in handy.  A guided mediation simply provides the mind something to focus on, a journey if you will.  It provides something outside of ourselves that helps us connect with the Source.  (Not that we are ever separate from Source, after all Source is the one constant presence in our beingness.)

It is simply that guided meditation methods take us on a journey or an excursion into or out of many things.  A guided meditation is a wondrous adventure for beginning a meditation practice and can provide new heights for more experienced practice.  The guided meditation simply put, helps one focus without the distraction of the outside world and assists in the visualization of healing, cellular clearing or integration.  One of the most powerful healing techniques is visualization.

For the experienced meditation practitioner, guided mediation methods help shift the old habits of the same scenario, thereby, taking the experience to new expanded awareness.  So many times we become encumbered with our old patterns, old ways or habits that we become entrenched in the way things “ought” to be or the way they have “always” been.  Just because things sometime seem to be a certain way always, doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing.  So many times when the mind wanders into the way things “ought” to be, we may miss a greater message.

The expanded version of what Source may have in store for us can easily come through mediation.  By surrendering to the Guided journey meditation, we allow our mind to drift along on a visualized path to new locations and sometimes surprising revelations from our own awakened, authentic life.  Therefore we can journey into the Akashic Records, our own past, our future, new galactic heights and much more.

Both guided or silent meditation methods provide more access to developing our own intuition,  our own wisdom and our connection with the Divine that is within us.  AND you will be a new healthier you!

For more information on silent meditations, read my post Silent Meditation Methods.


Silent Meditation Methods

By Marilyn Harper

Silent meditation methods are numerous yet the purpose is always the same: to bring inner peace within our self and the world in a positive and spiritual way.  Guided meditation methods assist in this, too! Meditation practice has been proven to improve your health and state of mind.  Studies show meditation can actually lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, improving your intuition and your connection with prayer within your confines of guidance from a Higher Source.

With the world in a seeming state of chaos, it is essential to create positive and peaceful thoughts to bring peace to our mind. Meditation is one of the best methods to be at peace with the world around you. We won’t go into the many different styles of meditation here, but instead will provide a series of articles about several different meditation techniques.

Let’s explore the silent meditation methods first.

Silent meditations acknowledges the Divine within each living thing. With that acceleration of energy, balance is necessary for a peaceful presence in this world. Your Silence is the core. It is your friend. It is your womb of the Divine.

When we move into the silence, the silence moves within us. The action take some from their own living room to that holy place of solitude.

One of the first silent meditation methods is simply to be in the silence. That is right! No music, no guided visualization, just the silence and the essence of your own breathing experience. We recommend a timer be set for 10-15 minutes at first.  The timer releases the mind from the thought of “How long have I been here?” “Is it over yet?” or “What if I sit here so long I am late for work or some other event?” After several days of timed mediation you will find you will naturally come back to the present in the perfect time.

With silent meditation methods, you can focus only on your breathing. We like the image that Michael Brown presences in “The Presence Process.” He suggests connecting your breathing as in the movement of a fountain, on the in-breath, you would be pulling the water up in the fountain and on the exhale then that would be the movement of the water naturally dropping out from the fountain. That is a good place to start, just with breathing.

Then as you feel at ease with that process, you can add contemplative mediation. That would be adding a focus or phrase to the breathing process. A good one is “I Am.” Or “I am that I am.” “I am present” is also good. Whichever phrase helps you hold your focus is a good one.

Silent meditation methods are powerful, providing relaxation and tremendous benefits to start your day. We recommend awaking with meditation and then just before going to sleep,  meditate again. Silent methods definitely has its benefits as do guided meditation.

In the Silence we can feel the vibration of Source.

In the Silence we can hear the voice of God.

In the Silence we can taste the crisp freshness of the Divine.

In the Silence we see all things are good.

In the Silence we Experience … Feel … See … Smell … Taste …. Presence

For more information about guided meditations, see my post on guided meditation methods.

Spiritual Retreats: Personal Journeys

Watch this video to understand how spirit makes retreats personal >

Marilyn Harper discusses why each retreat is a personal journey, literally. Her retreats are each unique based upon the people who choose to attend. They start out somewhat organic in agenda, filing in to meet the universal needs of the group, which always ends up being the same for each attending. Amazing!

Spiritual Enlightenment Request: Could I Ask You A Favor?

Direct from the cosmic desk of Adironnda a spiritual enlightenment request…

We know it is not necessary, but it is a nice thing to do for yourself and for the planet you live on, AND for the people on the planet.  This is a favor we have asked hundreds, maybe even thousands of times for over the years.

We don’t know how many are actually aware of it, but who cares!  All We really care about is You!  So here goes, it is a biggie, so take a deep breath in preparation… We know you feel better all ready.  Each day at 11:11 AM focus for a minute or so on love, just love.

Send love from you and through you to all things – the planet, the people, the life sustaining plants, the animals that live here and show us metaphorically how to live.  If need be, you can visualize the White Iridescent Light of love flowing to each and every thing, cell & atom on the planet (and beyond, of course).

Just like your body temple, in the particular dimension you are living in, you only have one Earth, like you only have one body.  Treat it well. Think of it often.  Have an Earth Party…  Have a Body Party. Celebrate the Earth, Celebrate You.  After all, the sequence of 11 11 or 111 “is an instant snapshot of your thoughts to the Universe.”
We said that before the Vessel had heard of Doreen Virtue, but Doreen wrote about it in her book so we definitely want to give her credit.
So Marilyn, go ahead, set your alarm to remind you what to do at 11:11.  Try it, you might like it.  Of course, I love you always whether you remember at 11:11 or not.

In Light, ~Adironnda