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Bimini Retreat Channeling

adironnda bimini retreat channeling 2021

Adironnda Channels in Bimini Bimini “Swimming with the Dolphins” Retreat July 31, 2021 – August 5, 2021   Adironnda Bimini Retreat Channelings Bimini Retreat Channeling – Opening Meditation: Awakening to our Soul of Love 7/31 Opening Meditation sets the tone for the Bimini Retreat. We bring in the people of the earth who will listen […]

Plenty of Dolphins in Bimini Now

If you are considering our Bimini Retreat, you’ll love hearing this – from our Bimini Coordinator – on the ground in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl, Patti Schmidt. According to Patti, the dolphins are plentiful in the waters of Bimini, this summer, and they are reaching out and touching those that need to be “touched”. The experiences […]

Eye-to-Eye with a Smiling Dolphin

Swimming with dolphins in bimini bahamas

Relax, I told myself. Breathe. I love swimming with dolphins in Bimini Bahamas but breathing underwater is always an adjustment. So, here I was again, immersed in the sea, feeling a little bit of that old panic as my body insisted that it’s not natural to breathe under water. At least not anymore. The sea is so vast, […]