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  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi, So sorry to break the news but we have had to postpone the Plurkshops in Minneapolis. We hope it doesn’t cause any inconvenience for you. We will bre close to you, in Chicago on Sept. 22-23, and we get Minneapolis reschedule possibly for 2019. Loving you!

  2. Onewfree Starsky says:

    I read in The Edge article about the two workshops you are offering. But I did not see exactly where or the times these workshops are offered., or the cost. They are on April 21 & 22 is all I know. Please give me all the facts I need to know.

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Who Is the Holy Ghost?

If you’ve ever wondered, just who is the Holy Ghost, Master Yeshua has an answer for you. Brought forth by ‘Divine Link’ Marilyn Harper at the Double Digit group channeling on July 7, 2014, he had this to say:


Read the rest

Be as a Child to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

You must be as a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven — or so the Bible teaches. At the Double Digit Group Session on 7/7/2014, however, Master Yeshua clarified the advice, saying:

“I am here to tell you
that … Read the rest

The Universal Double Digit Meaning of the 6/6/2014 = 19, or 10…

6/6/2014 Double Digit Message

Hi this is Marilyn Harper – coming to you LIVE from the Motor Home, Atlas. I am heading across country.

In connecting with this month’s double digit meaning of the 6/6/2014, once again it will be brought to you by … Read the rest

Kindergartner Signs Christmas Carols to Her Deaf Parents

Communication is key, right?

Take a moment to watch this adorable little kindergartner, mainstreamed in school, sign the words to her deaf parents of the classic Christmas/holiday songs. Her enthusiasm is contagious.

As Adironnda says, “Shift and the world shifts … Read the rest

Maca Reindeer – Holiday Greetings

One thing can be said about Marilyn and Joeaux…

They sure know how to be silly!!!
Enjoy this little video that they put together especially for all of you, with one purpose in mind: To make you smile.
If you … Read the rest

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