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Healing in the Crystalline Energy of Gaia

2018 Mt. Ida Retreat This event took place on June 24-28, 2018. These are the recordings captured during this event.   Opening Circle Mt. Ida, AR – June 24, 2018 File size: 63 MB Length: 43:25     Day 1 PM Mt. Ida, AR – June 25, 2018 File size: 38 MB Length: 26:13   […]

All About the Selenite Swords of Light

Considering a Selenite Sword of Light? This is one of the easiest to intuit, simplest to use, single healing crystal tool that we have ever encountered. In fact, it is a powerful answer for healers who have found themselves blocked when it comes to using healing tools. For this single reason, it is also a […]

Las Vegas is Calling You to Shine Your Light

“Did you hear about the shooting in Las Vegas?” I was on a “sisters” weekend, a spiritual healing event that I think everyone should do now and then. We were deep in Oak Creek Canyon – near Sedona, Arizona – with very limited cell phone coverage. One of our “girlfriends” had somehow grabbed enough cell […]

What’s a Neo-Activist?

Join us at our Visionaries in Light Convergence Fighting things about the Visionaries in Light Convergence, September 21st to the 24th, 2017. I mean, we’ve talked about what makes that convergence different, we’ve talked about how we use music, song, and dance. But you know, we’d really like to share with you a little bit about […]

What’s a Convergence?

Visionaries in Light Convergence

Be part of our Visionaries in Light Convergence We want to tell you just a little bit about the Visionaries in Light Convergence. It’s in September in Denver, 2017. So, it used to be a conference. Why it was called Convergence? Actually, there was a reason why I changed it from conference to convergence. You […]

Power of Two Channeling of the Solar Eclipse

A Special Message Especially for the Solar Eclipse Thank you so much of your support for this event! Your replay is below. Enjoy! Oh! We LOVE to hear your comments! Please leave them in the comment box, below the replay link. Adironnda with Shelly Wilson Power of Two Channeling The Harmony of Eclipse Unity Village, […]

An Event Like No Other

2016 Visionaries in Light Participants

We are told all of the time that our convergence is different than any conference that anybody has ever experienced. We just wanna tell you why. We Encourage the Tree-shakers Maybe that’s why we call it a convergence and we don’t call it a conference because it is very different. I mean, we have speakers, […]

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