Community is Very Important

Visionaries in Light Group 2016

Another powerful, spiritual message of the month about why community is very important for all of us.

To expand upon what Adironnda mentioned in navigating through the craziness of 2017, Marilyn shares with us the importance of gathering and being a part of special groups.


Marilyn discusses exactly this in the video below. Check it out.

Well, here we are in this time of navigating 2017.

During our January 1st, 2017 Annual State of the Universe Numerology Message, also known as the Double Digit, Adironnda mentioned how community is a very special thing.

Who is my community?

You see, sometimes we as “light plurkers” (that’s play + work = plurk) light plurkers are out there flapping around in the wind, as Adironnda calls it. We feel so alone. We feel like no one possibly understands us. No one gets us. We can’t talk about all the woo-woo stuff. Well, the world is changing into a woo-world. So ask your friends over. Socialize a bit.

In the past week, I’ve socialized more than I have in a year I think, and it was fun.

Community is very important. If you don’t know who your “peeps” are, or you feel uncomfortable about creating this in your own life, I invite you to join our community.

We have a monthly Double Digit family. We have a Visionaries and Light Convergence, every year, that is also a gathering. We are a group of people (and it grows each year) that meet at the convergence, and vacation together, every year after that, because we are all a part of our Soul family.

Get a little beyond your comfort zone. Reach out. Reach out to a community. You know, where two or more are gathered, miracles happen. Check it out. Community.

Namaste y’all,


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How to Activate Your Love Vortex

Here’s another spiritual message from Marilyn Harper to assist in navigating the craziness of 2017 – that is, to activate your love vortex! : )

What will activating your love vortex do for you?

You might be surprised!

Watch Marilyn’s video below for a short, concise, explanation of the benefits of activating your own love vortex.

Hi again!

The 2nd method that Adironnda mentioned to us, way back on New Year’s Day, to assist in making it through the craziness of 2017, is to activate your own love vortex. (You may remember the 1st: To Find Inner Peace)

What does activating your own love vortex means?

Now again, I might say, like, “What does that mean?” But if you look at a situation, any given situation, and ask the question, “Well, what would love do in this situation?”, it gets a little easier. If you’re coming up against someone that is challenging for you, if you just hold them in as much unconditional love as you can, the relationship smooths out a little bit.

I know, I know. Sometimes you think, “Okay, I’m not gonna hold my second husband with unconditional love.”

But when you don’t, it only hurts you. So you might as well.

Activating your love vortex entrains the things around you to that energy.

You see, when you hold all things in as much love as possible, other things around you entrain to that love vortex of energy.

Try it sometime.

You know, when you’re standing in line somewhere, or in a group of friends… Just hold in your heart that essence of love as you’re responding to someone and see what happens. It could be fun!

Namaste y’all,


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4 Practical Tips on How to Find Inner Peace

Find Inner Peace

In this week’s spiritual message, Marilyn Harper shares four practical steps on how she attains inner peace. May it help you find your Zen place of peace.

Peace of mind is easier to achieve when all is well. Though, we all know there are times when finding inner peace is not so easy.

Fortunately, there are techniques you can add to your bag of “spiritual tools” that can assist in finding inner peace for yourself. Check out the video below.

During New Year’s day, every year, we have our big broadcast for the double digit. It’s a wonderful way to kick off the new year. It was a wonderful event; we had hundreds join us LIVE, and eventually possibly thousands will see it. During this event, Adironnda suggested 4 ways to help you achieve inner peace.

4 Items to Navigate the Insane Energies of 2017.

I’d just like to take a little time to explore some of them, at least one of them, and maybe one each week for the next few weeks.

The first one is peace.

It’s like, how in the state of all of the energies, can we stay in that Zen place of peace? A part of me wants to go, “Peace smeace, what are you talking about?” But I know that’s not correct.

Learn these 4 simple steps to attain inner peace.

Four Actionable Tips on How to Find Inner Peace

1. Have a spiritual practice.
The way I stay in peace, I know to some of you that may surprise you, but the way I stay in more peace is to really have a spiritual practice. I am a better person each day when I get up.

2. Read spiritual books.
I read a spiritual book of some sort, I write in my journal, I read a piece from Michael Beckwith, a little “40 Days Mind Feast” or something.

3. Write five things that you’re grateful.
I write five things that I’m grateful for, and I meditate.

4. Meditate.
I was introduced to Insight Timer that is a meditation timer in 2012 after…  when I went to a silent retreat with Kate Guendling. It shows you how many people are meditating at the same time in the world.

Today I meditated with 4,644 people, and I looked up their addresses and about ten of them are in Springfield, Missouri with me. Now that is cool. That’s one way to start your day in peace, with a spiritual practice. Then the rest of the day flows a lot more smoothly.

Namaste y’all,


Merry Holidays from Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda & Company

Snowman Scurry 2016 Holiday Video

Watch this little holiday video…

Merry Holidays!

Thanks for sharing a year that is full of laughter and spiritual awareness, and healing, with us. We hope we can continue to share more spiritual messages and wonderful moments with you this coming year.

In case you’ve missed some of our most popular weekly spiritual messages, here they are:

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May you be filled with laughter and surrounded by wonderful people this holiday season.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Namaste y’all,

Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda and the Council of Light.

This Too Shall Pass

This Too Shall Pass

You know the phrase, “This too shall pass,” is one of those things that… You know, sometimes when somebody tells you that, you just want to push them over or shake them and say, “I know, I know, but I wanna be in my stuff.”

Sometimes you feel like putting a bag over your head. I know, I can’t believe I did that Weekly Message. However, it’s true, this too shall pass.

Sometimes, even as an enlightened person, we feel like just running away.

We feel overwhelmed, we feel bitter, we feel angry. We feel like an emotional let-down from a big huge event that’s just happened, like the Visionaries in Light Convergence, this past September. We feel a little depression. We feel something that’s not common for us. And yet, we all go through that no matter how enlightened you may believe that you are.

Watch Adironnda on this Week’s Spiritual Message

You Have Choices

When that happens, you have several choices that you can make.

And it will happen, so you might as well be prepared for it.

One choice…

You can yell and scream and call all your friends and tell them how horrible everything is and blah, blah, blah, and cry, and be upset and angry and tell all your friends and your relatives this. That doesn’t necessarily serve, because they’re going to triangulate. They’re going to join in and say, “Yeah, you poor thing,” and encourage you to feel that way, so then the feeling gets bigger.

We recommend that you have one friend, that you can express anything you want to, in safety. You can express all those little ego things that you need to express to get out of the way, and that friend may be your journal.

That friend may be yourself, or there may be another human that you have that special kind of relationship with… They’re not going to buy into your trauma drama, your triggering that you’re experiencing at the moment.

They’re going to listen and they’re not going to fix it. They may ask you questions to clarify how it is that you’re feeling. They may help you find the core or the root of it, or they may just listen and say, “Well, thank you for sharing. Have a nice day. This too shall pass.” You see, that’s one option. Another option is to go within yourself, which we recommend.

Another choice…

Sit with the Feeling

Ask yourself what is this really about? Journal it. If you need to cry, cry. If you need to yell, yell. If you need to weep, weep. But do it in appropriate spaces. Maybe not at the bank, or the post office, or the market, or… Do it in these appropriate places as possible. We like the shower because then we visualize all that old energy just going down the drain. Don’t stuff it back inside, however. If you stuff it back inside, what happens is something else will trigger it and it will come out complicated by what has happened before and what’s happening right now.

So Clear Out as much as You Can

You know journaling is a wonderful experience. Go into your heart center and work on healing and releasing.

“I am willing to heal and release whatever this feeling is. I am willing.”

You know in holographic healing, we work on a lot of release to get the emotional core out of the body. It’s the same thing with triggers, and programs, and the feeling of wanting to put a bag over your head.

Remember, this too shall pass. This too, has come up in your energy cellular field to be reckoned with. As an enlightened person, or a person that is striving for enlightenment, you get the opportunity to respond a little differently than you might have reacted in the past. So think about how that might be. And remember, this too shall pass.

Namaste y’all,


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Spiritual Laughter

Spiritual Laughter

Do you know what I’m laughing at? Neither do I.

You know, before I began, I thought I would like to do a weekly message on healing, and I’ve been preparing for the holographic healing course that we have coming up in November. And as I started, I was working on the visualization of what it might take to heal within the body. Just one tiny thing and it was like nothing came up except laughter.

Spiritual Laughter with Marilyn Harper

I hope you laughed a little with me.

What that did was that exercised your lungs. It got a little energy moving. It exercised your face.

Laughing has Lot of Good Effects for You

You know it takes fewer muscles to laugh than…in your face…than it does to frown? It takes, like, 14 muscles to laugh and 72 muscles to frown or something, you know. Either that or the opposite, you know? I don’t know, but you have less wrinkles when you laugh. Or if nothing else, all your wrinkles go up.


Laugh as much as Possible

Today, I would like you to laugh as much as possible. This week, see the humor in all aspects of your life. See the humor in the ironic places that you go. See the humor in your own situation. Understand that laughter, to coin a phrase, is really the best medicine.

If you have trouble laughing, record the first part of this message and play it back to yourself. Often!

I love you all.

Namastè Y’all!

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Spiritual Message Today: To Bag or Not to Bag

Spiritual Message Today

Ever feel like life would be better with a bag over your head?

Just not do anything… not think about all the horrible things that are going on in your world. Just put the bag over your head. Maybe they’ll disappear, maybe they’ll go somewhere.

There’s a bunch of people you can blame for all the bad things that are happening in your life. It’s easier with a bag over your head.

Watch Spiritual Message Today from Marilyn Harper:

But you know what?

Sometimes when you put the bag over your head, and you just sit there, you realize that it’s hard to breathe in a bag. It’s hard to see daylight in a bag and you like daylight.

What happens if you peek out from under the bag?

Ah, there you are, you know? Sometimes, it’s okay to put a bag over your head and just check out from everything, everyone in the world. But set a time limit on that checking out.

I know the hardest thing to understand is that you are the one that’s responsible for all the choices. You decided to put the bag on your head, you decided to create the things that don’t seem quite so much fun. ‘Til then you get angry with yourself for deciding to do that and it’s like, “What were you thinking?” Well, you were thinking about in enlightenment, that sometimes we get the opportunity to go in opposition of something, so we can then come out and see where we might be.

This is where I am today, debating.

Do I put the bag back on my head, or do I make a difference?

Are you deciding, too, if you’re gonna put the bag back on your head or be the change, be the difference in your world?


What would it take to leave the bag off?

It’d be the difference.

Play a song. That shifts the energy.

Do a little dance. That shifts the energy too.

Do you know that when you call your friend and tell them about how horrible your day is, that doesn’t necessarily always shift the energy? Because sometimes they go, “Whoa, you poor thing,” and they buy into that. So call a friend that will not buy into that and say, “Well, you know, it’s okay to feel that way.”

How are you gonna shift it?

You don’t want to stuff that old energy back inside. But instead, you can do something productive with that energy. Clean out a drawer, clean out your room, clean out your life. Those negative friends in your life that would agree with you and say, “Oh this is so bad, poor thing, poor thing.” Those are the friends that you might wanna clean out. And bring in some more positive influence. Not that somebody always has to say, “Well this is what you should do.” You know the “you shoulds”, is “shoulding” on yourself just like when you do it yourself.

Find someone that will just listen and help you hold the space for your own personal self-discovery.

That’s all it is. Your own personal self-discovery of your own light. Then you don’t need the bag on your head because there’s so much light inside the bag when you put it on, that you can’t close your eyes because the lights bleeding through your eyes, because you’re the light.

Remember that part. No matter what things look like on the outside, you’re still the light.

Namaste y’all,


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