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Here in my Jammies for YOU

Here in my Jammies for YOU Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I’m looking for the wisdom that is within me. To share with you. You know what? The Wisdom is actually within you. Looking For Answers I know you always look to someone else for your answers or many times you look to someone else for […]

Brighten Your Day

Brighten Your Day Still in the Chicago O’Hare Airport. I love people-watching. It’s one of my most favorite things to do. Y’know, when you’re in an airport, which is different from being in a bus terminal or a train terminal. But in an airport, you see all kinds of people. You see people going and […]

My Gift to You: Stillness

My Gift to You: Stillness Hi, It’s Joeaux. Hopefully, I’m on camera, but I wanted to give you a little gift today. I’m here, deep in the woods at one of my favorite swimming holes next to a very small waterfall, and one of the things that Marilyn and I teach is the importance of […]

What is it About this Word Healing?

Hero in You

What is it About this Word Healing? Y’know, healing takes all aspects of who we are. Healing…first of all, I don’t really like the word ‘healing.’ I know, I know, I’m teaching Holographic Healing, but it’s really holographic integration, but nobody knows what that is. Is Something Broken? Y’know, healing automatically assumes that something’s wrong […]

Two Worlds


You Can Only See Two Worlds Hello it’s Joeaux, I am so happy to be sitting here outside just enjoying this just beautiful place that I live in, this beautiful world, and it got me thinking about something. I just read with A Course in Miracles…it says you can only see two worlds. A Trip […]

I’m in a Spiritual Funk…

Compassion vs. Reaction Hello. It’s Joeaux, and I got to tell you. I’m in a little bit of a spiritual funk. So I’m just sitting here building cairns. Trying to find some balance in my life in the moment, and actually I just came out of meditating here in one of my favorite meditation spots. […]

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