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Buyers Remorse

buyers remorse

Buyers Remorse Hi. I just have to talk to you a little bit about, as Joeaux suggested, buyer’s remorse. You know, so many times when we travel to foreign countries or we travel even in the U.S. or Canada, we never get out of the hotel. We never do anything extraordinary. We go to the […]

Let It Be Easy

let it be easy

A New Song At one of our last Plurkshops, we brought in a new song. It was Divinely directed by Adironnda of course, and it was called “Let it Be Easy.” And it was so wonderful! That’s really about this week’s weekly message. Just let it be simple.  Avoid Over Complication You know, we […]

Event Song List

event song list

Event Song List Which is your favorite from our playlist? Comment below. Good to Be Alive – Andy Grammer Hallelujah – MaMuse Happy – Pharrell Williams Imagine (The Voice Performance) – Rayshun LaMarr Just the Way You Are – The Haygoods Let It Shine – Karen Drucker On Top of the World – Imagine Dragons […]

Understanding Your Own Receptivity

understanding your own receptivity

Understanding Your Own Receptivity Quiz What is your intuitive type?   1. When you return from a vacation are you more apt to describe: a. What you saw? (Scenery, architecture, people, culture) b. How you felt? (Relaxed, happy, miserable, smell of the flowers) c. What you heard? (Music, conversations, wildlife, sounds of the ocean) d. […]



X’s and O’s Hahahahaha! Do you ever crack yourself up? Sometimes, hahahahaha…I just crack myself up. There’s this song, it’s called Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King. Now I can’t play it here on this video for you… but I encourage you to go online and google it (Elle King Ex’s and Oh’s). And, I […]

How to Overcome Unworthiness

how to overcome unworthiness

How to Overcome Unworthiness Hey, it’s Joeaux. Recently I was reading the book called Becoming Michelle Obama. It really struck me, as I was reading about her childhood, that she constantly battled with unworthiness. Probably no different to you and I. This week’s video is about how to overcome unworthiness. Is Unworthiness Holding You Back? […]

Anchoring in the Positive

anchoring in the positive

Anchoring in the Positive Hey, it’s Joeaux. How are you doing? Marilyn always used to say to me, “Anchor that in. Anchor that feeling in.” And I never really knew what she meant. And then one day I realized… oh, it’s like anchoring in the positive. The Happy Dance Do you know that there’s a […]