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How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How To Manifest Whatever You Desire

How to Manifest Whatever You Desire Marilyn: I have a voice! A little voice, but I still have a voice. Joeaux: You do. And after a full weekend here in Houston, Texas…where we met AGAIN, the most amazing people with our friend, K8. Marilyn: It’s so fascinating because what we’re teaching in our Plurkshops (play […]

The Year of Self Care

the year of self care

It’s the Year of Self Care Good morning! I am the voice of Marilyn today because she wouldn’t slow down. And the Universe has this way of…if you don’t slow down…they’re gonna slow you down. And what she wants me to tell you is that this year is all about self care. You’ve got to […]

Change Brings Expansion

change brings expansion

Change Brings Expansion Hi, it’s Joeaux. I want to talk to you a little bit about expansion. There’s some really, really BIG changes taking place right now. Maybe you’ve experienced them? Boy, I know I have! And they just came really fast…a marriage of 32 years very consciously uncoupled, and then within days, packing up all […]

Your Heart Knows

your heart knows

Your Heart Knows Hi, it’s Joeaux. Don’t worry I’m not driving, I’ve pulled off on the side of the road. Boy, big changes, huh? Really, really big changes. We read about how the energy is affecting everything, and then all of a sudden, BAM! There it is, right in your own life. Rest assured, your heart knows where […]

Finding the Playful Balance In Life

finding the playful balance in life

Finding the Playful Balance in Life Hi. It’s snowing! I am grateful today for snow, snow angels, playtime, and just being in this beautiful place. And I wanted to share it with you… ‘cause you see, I grew up in Southern California, and there’s nothing that makes me more excited than to go out in […]

Are You Letting Your Antenna Show?

Are you Letting Your Antenna Show?

Are You Letting Your Antenna Show? Is your antenna showing? Mine is. Let’s see, it’s on this side. My antenna is showing. I’m not sure why I always seem to have this “plook!” I say it’s my antenna, because I do let people see exactly who I am most of the time. Probably Joeaux sees more of who […]

Whatcha Doin’?

relaxing in silence

Whatcha Doin’? Whatcha doin’? Do you ever notice how, when people call you on the phone and they get your voice mail…they say “Hi, how are you?” You can’t answer, as you have their voicemail. So I’m here asking you, “whatcha doin’?” Like you’re going to answer me. Maybe you are. Let me think. Let me feel…whatcha […]

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