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Have an Amazing Day

how to have an amazing day

How to Have an Amazing Day Hey, it’s Joeaux. You wanna know how to have an amazing day every single day? It’s so simple. So, here it is. Start your day with intention. Like, just take a few seconds before you get out of bed to think about what kind of day you wanna have. […]

Friends Helping Friends

friends helping friends

A Lakeside Chat Joeaux: Hello. Marilyn: Hello. So here we are, standing on our lake. Joeaux: Yeah. It’s our lake like Randy’s our composer. Marilyn: Right, right. And it’s so amazing. We just saw a family of Canadian geese, the mama and the papa, we’re guessing. Joeaux: While Marilyn talks, I’m gonna show it to […]

It’s Already Done

it's already done

Master Builder Month Hi! So here we are in another airport. This is actually the Springfield Airport. And the idea is, in this theme for this month of May, we’re doing Master Builder. We’re building something that is shifting the consciousness of humanity. At least it is in our brains! 🙂  Questions For You […]

Follow Your Guidance

follow your guidance

Follow Your Guidance Hi, I am coming to you from Egypt. I know that’s pretty exciting, but I look like I’m coming to you from any hotel, that could be anywhere in the world. You know, sometimes you get the opportunity to just follow your guidance and not question what it’s about. That’s one of […]

Scary Traffic in Cairo

scary traffic in Cairo

Scary Traffic in Cairo We are sitting here in Egypt and I gotta tell you, Egypt has the most horrifying, frightening, scary, chaotic traffic I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s so funny because you get into the car, these little tiny taxi cabs, and all of them have scrapes all up and down the […]

Buyers Remorse

buyers remorse

Buyers Remorse Hi. I just have to talk to you a little bit about, as Joeaux suggested, buyer’s remorse. You know, so many times when we travel to foreign countries or we travel even in the U.S. or Canada, we never get out of the hotel. We never do anything extraordinary. We go to the […]

Let It Be Easy

let it be easy

A New Song At one of our last Plurkshops, we brought in a new song. It was Divinely directed by Adironnda of course, and it was called “Let it Be Easy.” And it was so wonderful! That’s really about this week’s weekly message. Just let it be simple.  Avoid Over Complication You know, we […]