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All About the Selenite Swords of Light

Considering a Selenite Sword of Light? This is one of the easiest to intuit, simplest to use, single healing crystal tool that we have ever encountered. In fact, it is a powerful answer for healers who have found themselves blocked when it comes to using healing tools. For this single reason, it is also a […]

Why Wear An Awareness Bracelet

Rainbow Awareness Bracelet

See How Marilyn Uses Her Awareness Bracelet to Be the Best She Can Be The key to breaking a habit is to be consciously aware of the habit… A 21-day Process to Achieving What Presently May Seem Unachievable Hi, I’d like to tell you a little bit about our Awareness Bracelets. The way these Awareness […]

What’s a Neo-Activist?

Join us at our Visionaries in Light Convergence Fighting things about the Visionaries in Light Convergence, September 21st to the 24th, 2017. I mean, we’ve talked about what makes that convergence different, we’ve talked about how we use music, song, and dance. But you know, we’d really like to share with you a little bit about […]

What’s a Convergence?

Visionaries in Light Convergence

Be part of our Visionaries in Light Convergence We want to tell you just a little bit about the Visionaries in Light Convergence. It’s in September in Denver, 2017. So, it used to be a conference. Why it was called Convergence? Actually, there was a reason why I changed it from conference to convergence. You […]

Using Your Cobalt Blue Bottle

Congratulations! Now that you are drinking out of a Cobalt Blue Bottle… everyone will wonder what you are up to! And, that’s half the fun. Watch this video for more details on how to use your new bottle. Enjoy! Let us know if you have any questions or comments in the comment box below. We […]

Following Eclipse

Solar Eclipse Ended Well, dearest, it is a good day to you. By the time you see this, the solar eclipse of August 21st will have been finished and done. There are those who predicted that the world would come to an end. Those who predicted that all internet would go down for at least […]

Solar Eclipse

solar eclipse spiritual message

Solar Eclipse Ah, so it is a good day to you, huh? Very good to see each of you out there in this wonderful world that we are living in. I want you to understand that coming up is a very significant event, August 21st, 2017, is a solar eclipse. It is one of the […]

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