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Where is the Hero in YOU?

Hero in You

Where is the Hero in YOU? Hi! Marilyn Harper here. I’ve just had a very interesting time today, and I feel I want to share it with somebody. It’s about finding the hero in you. I was watching a television show…it was about a superhero. I’m not sure why I like those kinds of shows…maybe because […]

Clearing Space

clearing space

Clearing Space for Divine Order Do you ever find it difficult to get into “the flow?” It is so important to clear physical clutter around you in order to create space “within you.” Marilyn’s got a little insight on this in the video below. When You Surround Yourself with Clutter, You Literally Feel the Blockages. […]

Two Worlds


You Can Only See Two Worlds Hello it’s Joeaux, I am so happy to be sitting here outside just enjoying this just beautiful place that I live in, this beautiful world, and it got me thinking about something. I just read with A Course in Miracles…it says you can only see two worlds. A Trip […]

A Crash Course in Remote Viewing

Holographic Healing Part 3

To Remote View Is To View An Object In the Quantum Yet, Lightworkers tend to make 3 mistakes that keep them stuck in the 3D world and prevent them from this quantum vision. Watch this video with Marilyn Harper to learn about those 3 mistakes. HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED: 10:16 – Mistake #1 (and solution): Believing […]

How Do You Get Out of a Creative Slump?

© Joeaux Robey

Get Out of a Creative Slump and Spark Inspiration Hi, it’s Joeaux. I’m just out here walking around amongst the trees. You know, recently, I had somebody ask me, “How do you get out of a creative slump?” And, I thought,” Oh, that’s a good one. That took me a while to learn.” And what […]

I’m in a Spiritual Funk…

Compassion vs. Reaction Hello. It’s Joeaux, and I got to tell you. I’m in a little bit of a spiritual funk. So I’m just sitting here building cairns. Trying to find some balance in my life in the moment, and actually I just came out of meditating here in one of my favorite meditation spots. […]

Crystal City

Crystal City

Do you want to find your very own crystal city? Now is the time; because this month we are heading to a healing retreat in Mt. Ida, AR to heal in the energy of Gaia. We’ll be exploring crystal caves, swimming in the crystalline water, and digging for crystals in two of our favorite mines. […]

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