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What is your Mission?

Making a Difference Many years ago, between 1996-1997, I felt a strong calling to make a difference in this world. I actually felt it in 1993 when I walked in, but in 96-97 it was so strong, that I was changing everything in my life and felt like I had some kind of a calling, […]

Feeling into the Future

New Habits This year, I’m starting a new habit. Adironnda mentioned that on the 12/12 Double Digit, and I thought, “You know, this is a really good time to experience that.” I’m going to sit. I meditate every day and I’m going to do a specific kind of meditation, in addition to what I normally […]

Are You Ready?

are you ready

Ready for 2020 Marilyn: Hi. Are you ready? Joeaux: Of course, I’m ready. What are we ready for? Marilyn: We are ready for 2020. So obviously, Joeaux and I are in two different locations. I am in our home in Branson, Missouri. Joeaux, where are you? Joeaux: I am in a timeshare in Williamsburg, Virginia, […]

‘Tis the Season


Ho, Ho, Ho! ‘Tis the season, eh? Lots of things going on, gifts flying everywhere, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, whatever you celebrate… family dynamics, which can be wonderful, or a little trickery sometimes. And then the New Year coming in, lots of energy and lots of focus. What are we building in the New Year? According […]

Dealing with the Overwhelming Energy of NOW

Overwhelming Energy of Now

This may be a vacation month for you. A lot of people vacation at this time. I am not vacationing, and what you’re seeing is not something that’s growing out of my head. (But, well maybe it’s masking my antenna.) Actually, I am at an AirBnB right now, working. I think the thing that I […]

Laugh for No Reason

    I am traveling with Joeaux right, now. See Joeaux. I would really like to share some of the insights that we’ve had on our road trip journey, mostly that people all over the planet are really wonderful. We love people and we love ourselves. But what we have discovered is that many times […]

Changing Your Routine

Routines and Rituals We have always said to be grateful for the little things in life. This is Rove Coffee in the Springfield Airport. Joeaux and I actually have a ritual with Rove Coffee, we come and have a cup of coffee. Well, I have caramel latte with almond milk, and Joeaux has chai latte […]