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How to Stay in the Flow with Marilyn Harper

Being in the flow

Have you ever felt that however hard you push yourself, you can’t get important things done? It is because you’re not ‘in the flow’. In Psychology, to be ‘in the flow’ is defined as: the state of being, of a person, where he/she performs important tasks with great focus and enjoyment. In this week’s message, […]

Use Guided Meditation to Create Balance in Your Life


Use this Guided Meditation to lead a balanced life! This week, Marilyn tackles the concept of “balance in your life”. This video message is a bit longer than usual – 30 minute video – and well worth it! You’ll receive a card reading and go all the way to the end of the video for […]

Private Channeling Sessions with Adironnda & the Council of Light

Private Channeling Sessions Adironnda

What Are Private Channeling Sessions with Adironnda like? People often ask US about private channeling sessions with Adironnda? In this week’s message, Marilyn Harper explains that private sessions activate your sparkle. Once you experience it, you know why people choose this one-on-one communication with US. Take a peek at Marilyn’s short 1.41 minute video and […]

Why is Family important? (It May Be Not Be What You Think)

Is Family Important?

Yes, it’s true – we know family is our blood line. And, we’ve already talked about how you actually chose that “blood line”. But, do you really understand how your family plays a critical role in the evolution of your soul? In this message, Adironnda dives into why it is so important for you to […]

Spiritual Coaching Message II: The Importance of Family


Spiritual Coaching Message II Continued from “The Importance of Family, Part I” In the prior segment, Marilyn discussed how family affects each of us individually, even later in life. In this video, Marilyn dives a little deeper around the importance of your family. The Importance of Family (Part II) Dearest Ones, Yes, I’m still here […]

A Little More Spiritual Coaching Around Family (Part 1)

Spiritual Messages Family Portrait

Spiritual Coaching for February… Family and Love Watch Marilyn on this l-o-v-e spiritual coaching message as she talks about just how important our family is… Valentine’s Day is in February, which makes this the month of L-O-V-E. Not only can you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your significant one, you can also celebrate it with your family – all month long. […]

A Little Spiritual Coaching… Step 1: Visualize Your Perfect Life

adirronda spiritual coaching

We Call It – Spiritual Coaching (with Adironnda and Marilyn) Week four of the weekly spiritual coaching messages from Adironnda and Marilyn… ehr, or, Marilyn’s (and Adironnda’s) Mystical Moments. New in 2016! We’re spreading these enlightening messages weekly, rather than daily. Every week is a new topic. This week’s topic is “Visualize Your Perfect Life”. Watch Adironnda on the […]