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How to Have More Time in Your Life

how to have more time in your life

How to Have More Time in Your Life Hi, it’s Joeaux again. Last week we talked about how to get more done in less time. Today I wanna talk about how to have more time in your life. It’s very similar but it’s a little bit different. It’s all in the breath. It’s the same […]

How to Get More Done in Less Time

how to get more done in less time

How to Get More Done in Less Time Hi Joeaux Robey here. Would you like to know how to get more done in less time? I know, this is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart and Marilyn’s as well. Because we have so many ideas and so many things we want to share […]

9th Grade Algebra Wisdom

9th grade algebra wisdom

9th Grade Algebra Wisdom I’m Marilyn Harper and I’m still here with my flat hair (like I was last week) although I just recorded last week’s video a few minutes ago (so I haven’t sat in this chair for a week). But I just wanted to share something with you. I was cleaning out some […]

Mother of Mercy

mother of mercy

Kuan Yin Oracle Card Hi, Marilyn Harper here. This has been a very intense day, and I was just sitting here in my front room looking out at the beautiful lake. And just feeling gratitude for everything that I’m experiencing and everything that’s happening. I even have flat hair. I did put lipstick on for […]

Wanted: Soulopreneurs

wanted soulopreneurs

About Our Business Marilyn: Hi, I’m Marilyn Harper. Joeaux: And I’m Joeaux Robey. Marilyn: And I just love our little talks like this. Joeaux: Except this is like really close. Marilyn: We’re really close. Joeaux: Yeah. Marilyn: So, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about our business. You know, yes, I’m […]

Little Altars Everywhere

little alters everywhere

Little Altars Everywhere Hello, this is Marilyn Harper. And this is one of the altars I have set up in my home. It’s very simple. And this message is about setting up little altars everywhere. Years and years and years ago, I read a book called Little Altars Everywhere. I really loved the name of […]

The Importance of Family

importance of family

The Importance of Family Do you understand how your family plays a critical role in the evolution of your soul? In this weekly message, Adironnda dives into why it is so important for you to deal with family conflict… Why is Family Important in Life? When you chose your family, you chose evolution. Did you […]