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Angelic Crystals

Angelic Crystals

Unique Crystals I found a fantastic crystal on one of my trips to Mount Ida, Arkansas. It has a spot that fits right into your thumb. Like a thumb holder. How cool is that? It also has a shape inside of it that looks like the Archangel Gabriel with his trumpet. And in the light, […]

Balancing with Your Labyrinth

Balancing with Your Labyrinth

Balancing Your Brain Hello. A dear friend of mine named Betsy made me a labyrinth pillow in 2001 when she opened up a new stitchery, applique business. Did you know that when you follow the trail of a labyrinth all the way through, it balances your brain? When you follow the trail with the left […]

Galactic Origin, Anyone?

Galactic Origin

Finding Your Planetary Origin Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I was thinking the other day about all the people in all the groups I have done and that once Adironnda says, “Oh, you are Sirian, or you are from the Arcturus system, or you are Venusian,” all the hands go up. People want to know, “What […]

The Galactics, A Wild Ride

the galactics a wild ride

Bringing the Truth to Light Hi. You know I have always avoided the subject of galactic intervention and galactic energy and all that wild, to me, woo woo stuff. And yet it just keeps coming around. So I know I have to take a deep breath. It’s like, how can you even prove any of […]

Rewiring Your Brain

Rewiring Your Brain

Choosing Your Frequency You are the healers of the planet. You. How many times do you get to hear you’re the ones that we’ve been waiting for? This is from Adironnda. You are the frequency that has healing energy all around you. So when you are complaining, that’s the frequency that you’re putting out. When […]

Strength from Within

Divinely Protected In the past few weeks, I’ve thought a lot about the places that I’ve gone and the things that I’ve seen… sounds like a Dr. Seuss book. I have also thought about all of the areas that I could have come into a situation where I was not safe. And yet there was […]

Something Wild is Happening

Saharan Air Layer So Randy Luna, our musician, told me about an interesting phenomenon that is happening right now. It’s called the Saharan Air Layer. This is fascinating to me because when I went outside a little while ago, it was all hazy like when you’re at the beach. And I came back in, and […]