Celebrate Before Breakfast

Celebrate Before Breakfast

Hi, I’m in the Springfield, Missouri airport waiting to go to Thailand, and I just wanted to share with you a little weekly message about gratitude. You know, gratitude makes the biggest difference in everything. Be grateful for things that are happening, be grateful for things that are going to happen, and be grateful for things that have yet to come.


So many people that I run into they say, “Well, what if this happens, and what if that happens?” And, you know, what if doesn’t exist any longer. What if doesn’t exist at all. Adironnda has said this before, and you may have had a weekly message on it before. Celebrate five things that you can be grateful for before breakfast.

Got that? This is your assignment and write them down below and in the comments. What five things are you celebrating today when you watch this video, are you celebrating before breakfast? Today, I’m celebrating that we get to travel to Thailand with our friend Sally who’s our neighbor.

Want to see Sally?

There’s Sally.

Sally: Hi. I’m excited, too.

Marilyn: And Sally helped me get my house, so that’s a third thing to celebrate. Joeaux is with us. And Joeaux is working, and that’s something else to celebrate. And I have enough time that I can watch a video on the Akash we’re creating for our special Akash class.

And that’s five things that I am so thankful for, and I have not had breakfast yet. I’ve only had coffee. And I’ve had real coffee, and that’s why I’m talking so fast. Anyway, namaste, y’all. Five things to celebrate that you’re grateful for before breakfast. Write them down below. Namaste, y’all.




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9 thoughts on “Celebrate Before Breakfast

  1. Patricia Anne St Pierre says:

    5 Things That I appreciate Before Breakfast:
    I slept well this morning, after doing my Radiance from 3:00 a.m. – 4:00 a.m.
    I left work yesterday with only 4 encounters left to do, & that\’s way better than 15 left to do.
    I am seeing 2 of my 11 sisters today – we are celebrating my birthday (which is tomorrow).
    I am grateful to you for the lovely Birthday Card this month.
    I am healthy, positive & optimistic, with the guidance of so many wonderful people, and the Channels.
    And hey, I could go on & on:), I am smiling and have tears of joy in my eyes.

  2. Barbara Brower says:

    Thank you Marilyn for this reminder.
    I give Thanks to the universe for the current rain because it’s blissing,
    I am so grateful for my twin flame soul I met.
    I am so deeply grateful to have this feeling again where I thought it was gone.
    Thank you Archangel Raphael to let me be part of the healing process of the earth together with you.

  3. Jan says:

    1) you and your messages 2) Hot tea and a fuzzy new sweater 3) A walk in the snow (yes in the snow) its early for it but still pretty! 4) My adult kids are coming home for Thanksgiving!!! 5) I am here I am here I am here I awoke again and today is Friday , even better!!!

  4. Lauren Schroeder says:

    I am grateful for:
    Being attuned to higher consciousness, my health and my body, great healthy food to nourish my body every day, sunshine, my family and friends.

  5. antionette Frearson says:

    1 am grateful so many things just moved into a beautiful retirement resort around happy and caring people. 2 Just had our 53 yr wedding anniversary with wonderful man 3 great friends 4 happy healthy happy life 5 grateful everything.

  6. Uschi says:

    Aaah, that is really nice! Thanks for reminding me! Before breakfast today I celebrated that the sun is still shining in my tiny kitchen! (in winter it nearly doesn’t). That the sky was blue this morning! That the gardens still are green! And that the lumbago nearly was not aching…. That my morning coffee with vanilla tastes soo good! That the robins are singing soo sweet during my prayers! That the heating in my tiny house kept the living room and the bathroom warm! That I may have a warm shower every morning! That I can start the day relaxed, after 46 years of working – now I hv retired fm work! That I have good relatives and friends to visit in the afternoon, and so on – there’s a lot more: thanks a billion times to all participants :-)) that life is good!
    Greetings to you all from Uschi K./Hamburg – Germany

  7. Sandee says:

    I am grateful for:
    1. The sweetness I feel as Shanti, my cat, snuggles next to me with her head on my leg.
    2. Watching the moon set through my living room window.
    3. Falling in love with my Norfolk Pine last evening.
    4. Appreciating my cleaned windows and cabinet glass, and vacuumed floors.
    5. Archangel Raphael’s anointing oil (which I smelled via computer) and the opportunity to send Raphael’s healing to a friend in need.

  8. Lynn Brunetto says:

    I am grateful for my home. My health. The abundance to keep my home. My amazing gifts. The opportunity to use my gifts to help humans and animals and receive enough money to keep me in my home and eventually travel. Love and hugd

  9. Katherine Schindler says:

    Early retirement incentive = I can get time off before I look for another job.
    Good Health
    Music talent
    Warm apartment
    Basic survival necessities and then some.

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