Celebrate Before Breakfast

Celebrate Before Breakfast

Hi, I’m in the Springfield, Missouri airport waiting to go to Thailand, and I just wanted to share with you a little weekly message about gratitude. You know, gratitude makes the biggest difference in everything. Be grateful for things that are happening, be grateful for things that are going to happen, and be grateful for things that have yet to come.


So many people that I run into they say, “Well, what if this happens, and what if that happens?” And, you know, what if doesn’t exist any longer. What if doesn’t exist at all. Adironnda has said this before, and you may have had a weekly message on it before. Celebrate five things that you can be grateful for before breakfast.

Got that? This is your assignment and write them down below and in the comments. What five things are you celebrating today when you watch this video, are you celebrating before breakfast? Today, I’m celebrating that we get to travel to Thailand with our friend Sally who’s our neighbor.

Want to see Sally?

There’s Sally.

Sally: Hi. I’m excited, too.

Marilyn: And Sally helped me get my house, so that’s a third thing to celebrate. Joeaux is with us. And Joeaux is working, and that’s something else to celebrate. And I have enough time that I can watch a video on the Akash we’re creating for our special Akash class.

And that’s five things that I am so thankful for, and I have not had breakfast yet. I’ve only had coffee. And I’ve had real coffee, and that’s why I’m talking so fast. Anyway, namaste, y’all. Five things to celebrate that you’re grateful for before breakfast. Write them down below. Namaste, y’all.