Change Brings Expansion

change brings expansion

Change Brings Expansion

Hi, it’s Joeaux. I want to talk to you a little bit about expansion. There’s some really, really BIG changes taking place right now. Maybe you’ve experienced them? Boy, I know I have! And they just came really fast…a marriage of 32 years very consciously uncoupled, and then within days, packing up all the boxes to move off to Branson, Missouri, to be closer to Marilyn, where we can focus a bit more on our life purpose. In my experience, change brings expansion.

Our Amazing Universe

And I have to tell you that none of these things really came as a surprise to me, but the way that the universe brought them to me was just so amazing. Y’know, there were a few tears, but for the most part there was a sense of peace, in knowing that these were the right decisions to make. And what’s really amazing, is that it hasn’t been very long, like maybe seven days. In that time period, the Universe really stepped up to show me that it’s got my back.

Listening to Your Heart

All of the things that I am creating in life, and everything that I’ve put forward that really does serve me, and is in my highest good and in my purpose, have just flowed so smoothly.

So I just want to encourage you…if you’re on one of those precipices, and you have some big decisions to make, know that when you just look into your heart and ask for the answer, you’ll know. If there’s any fear around it, it’s not the right answer. If there’s a sense of peace around it, it’s the right answer.

Expansive Changes

And what’s so beautiful is that—when it is in that expansive mode, in that peaceful mode, in that mode of love—everyone else that’s involved also experiences the same thing.

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful life is. Muah!

Are you making BIG decisions or taking BIG action in 2019? Have you asked your heart for guidance? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment in the box below.