Enjoy this Crestone Meditation From the deck of the Silver Star Retreat Center


Join Marilyn, Joeaux, and Adironnda…

On A Personal Journey Retreat

Wed-Mon., August 29-September 3, 2018
Silver Star Retreat Center, Crestone – CO
The 1st 12 participants stay at the Silver Star Retreat Center
Additional participants will stay at another location.

It will be a Nearly Silent Retreat.

What does this mean? There will be vast periods of silence, peace, stillness, all helping you receive your own guidance under the gentle guidance of Adironnda & Company and Marilyn Harper. This life changing retreat is still called “Your Next Step” because that is truly what it is. How many times have you been told to listen to your guidance. This Personal Journey Retreat will definitely help. We will still attend all the joyous, spiritual places in Crestone and even discover a few new ones. There will be times to share, talk, laugh, dance and play as that is all a part of listening to the stillness as well.

Experience the sacred (and commercially untouched) energy of Crestone, Colorado for a holistic retreat designed specifically to move you forward in your journey. Spend an extra long weekend, Wednesday evening through Monday morning, with Marilyn Harper, Adironnda & Company in Crestone within the Sangre De Cristo mountains.

“Crestone is one of the most spiritually profound places I have visited in the US. The vibrational frequency of the sacred land seems to assist in the growth of whoever is open to receive it. This Journey for your Soul is truly “transformational.” I have actually thought of changing the title of this retreat to Transformation, however, it is my realization that everything transforms us. We are on a Divine Path and I am certain all who resonate with the energy of their Next Step will be present.”
– Marilyn Harper

This spiritual Nearly Silent retreat will provide you with specifically whatever it is you need at this point in your life. The selected activities connect with the energy, release what has been holding you back in your own personal journey, and gently allow you to open up to your own Divinity.

You will receive:

  • Daily messages from your Oversoul
  • Group support in taking your next step
  • The joy of immersion in a spiritual community
  • The awakening of your heart chakra
  • Continual Dimensional Healing
  • Daily messages from Adironnda & Company
  • The joy of being surrounded by breath-taking beauty and peace

During the retreat we will venture to a wide variety of spiritual locations. The tiny town of Crestone sits at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in the High Desert within the Sangre De Cristo (blood of Christ) Mountain range. Many spiritual organizations throughout the planet have built their sanctuaries in Crestone.

Metaphysical sites located in and around Crestone:

  • Tibetan Stupa
  • Hindu Ashram
  • Carmelite Monastery
  • Great Sand Dunes
  • Labyrinth Garden
  • I AM Harmony Garden
  • Ancient Stone Huts
  • Shumei Center
  • Garden view Hot Springs
  • End of Life Society
  • and much more

Fun Fact: Crestone is also the location of more documented UFO sightings than anywhere else in the country.


  • Lodging and nearly all your food. (We may eat one meal out, less than $20 per person)
  • Activities, fun and frivolity, Hot Mineral Springs is also a choice
  • Hours of Group channeling, daily and personal interaction with Adironnda
  • A new appreciation for the Stillness of your Soul
  • The ability to hear your own guidance clearly
  • Entrance fees/donations to spiritual locations
  • Morning Tai Chi, Yoga and/or meditation is welcome on the deck of the retreat (it overlooks a beautiful valley)

Sharing special snacks is welcome and please let us know if you have any dietary restraints. Our schedule is somewhat flexible because the activities of the group are actually delivered to Marilyn via Source Energy as the participants come together forming the retreat group. Here’s what you can expect…

  • When: August 29-September 3, 2018
  • Where: Crestone, Colorado
  • Investment in your next step: $1222/person based on double or triple occupancy.
    We have several bedrooms, most with twin beds, a couple with queen beds.

Arrival – by 6 PM Wednesday, August 29, 2018. Dinner will be served around 6:30 PM and an organized activity will follow. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday Morning (Sept. 3) following Breakfast. Thursday-Sunday will include breakfast, lunch and dinner with activities throughout the day and evening. There is free time scheduled daily, too. Crestone is host to several well known channels, massage therapists and other spiritual workers and we invite you to experience any of these. There are also amazing hikes within walking distance of the retreat. Joeaux will more than likely take a group up to the Meadow at 12,000 Feet if you like. If flying in be sure your flight arrives in time to drive 4 hours from Denver or 3 hours from Colorado Springs. And be sure your flight departs on Monday later in the afternoon to allow time to travel back to airport. If you are flying, we try to coordinate people so you can all share the car rental down from Denver or Colorado Springs. You can fly into Alamosa, it is just an hour away.

NOTE: If you would like to stay a day after the retreat, or arrive a day early, please let us know. Additional costs per night can be quoted.

Departure – Closing Circle is late Sunday night, so please plan to leave after breakfast on Monday Sept. 3, 2018. Those who must leave early Monday will be able to make flights from Denver after noon or 1:00 PM, etc.. We will help to arrange car pooling (as best we can) to and from the airport. You can fly into Denver (4 hour drive), Colorado Springs (3 hour drive) or Alamosa (45 minute). The earlier you book, the better chance you’ll have of being connected with another person for car pooling.

Reserver Your Spot Here:


Register Now

YES! PLEASE SAVE MY SPOT… EMAIL US at info@Adironnda.com

Fee includes: lodging, all meals (except 1, less than $20/person) *Reservations are first come, first served. A minimum of $408 deposit is required at the time of your reservation. The balance is due 30 days prior to arrival.

Questions? Email Us! or call 417-860-5432

Deposits can be mailed to:
PO Box 2324, Springfield, MO 65801
Please include your name, address, email address, and the best telephone number to reach you.

What Participants Say About This Retreat:

“This Crestone retreat truly exceeded my expectations.” – Pam, OK

“I love Marilyn and Joeaux for their labors of love… I want more of this learning journey.” – Judy, MO

“The channeling time was phenomenal. I have nothing but great things to remember.” – Bill, MO

“Life changing. My Spirit learned how to soar… I acquired new family – sisters, brothers of the Spirit, who inspired me with their courage to reveal their fears, their challenges and their dreams.” – Linda, AZ

“I loved… the real digging down deep when each person asked a question and then went inside themselves to answer it.” – P!x!e, CA

“All events were phenomenal.” – Anonymous

“I have taken a number of courses, retreats, seminars, etc. … none gave me what this retreat did, and with a connection to Spirit I’ve never experienced before.” – Gabrielle, CA

“Joeaux & Marilyn truly know how to put on a great event… they really care and are truly interested in helping me and the group help ourselves vs. just making us dependent on them.” – Sandy, CA

“Soul growth. Laughter. Love.” – Anonymous

“Joy. Silence. Safety…Tears. Cooperation. Touch… Flexibility. Wisdom. Warmth. At any given moment I was experiencing all of this. Love. Love. Love you.” – Sue, CO

Cancellation Policy: Retreat must be paid in full due 30 days prior to arrival. If cancellation is necessary between 60 – 30 days prior to arrival 1/2 payment will be refunded. If cancellation is necessary less than 30 days prior to event, we reserve the right to offer no refund unless your spot is filled with another participant. If cancellation is prior to 60 days from arrival all will be refunded except the initial $111 deposit (reservation fee). We know sometimes emergencies arise, please contact us for cancellation arrangements.

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  6. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Ekaterina,
    I certainly understand the need for sitting in the stillness to retrieve your Next Step. At this moment we don’t have a scholarship program set up for that but it is a really good idea. I will talk with Joeaux and see what we can do. Feel free to email us directly at info@adironnda.com. Loving you, Marilyn

  7. Ekaterina says:

    Hi there. I am a college student who experienced a walk-in several years ago. I am wondering if there are scholarships for the Your Next Step retreat as I believe this will help me understand a lot of what has happened to me.

    Thank you,


  8. Hattie Bell says:

    Your Personal Crestone, Colorado Journey Retreat sounds like its
    for me. Please notify me of the 2014 Retreat so that I can be apart
    of such a lovely transformationing realization.


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