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Meet Adironnda - Wake-up Call

We call these small group gatherings our WAKE-UP CALLS….
Join Marilyn Harper, International “Inspir-tainer”, award winning speaker, expert on the subject of walk-ins, creator and emcee of the International Walk-ins Welcome Conference… and, Divine Link to Adironnda & Company, on an inspiring and entertaining journey into worlds unnamed.

Spend 2 hours exploring the Infinite Possibilities of the Universe, up-close-and-personal… with Spirit! You’ll meet Adironnda – a loving, profoundly wise, being from the 17th Dimension – channeled by Marilyn Harper.

  • Bring your burning Universal questions!
  • Get a unique perspective on the planet!
  • Meet like-minded people, like yourself.



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Marilyn and Adironnda will kick-off a weekend of events in Minneapolis, MN!

Spirit United Interfaith Church, 3204 Como Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55414
Friday, Oct. 30, 2015, from 7-9PM
Come meet Adironnda! Bring your personal and universal questions.


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Marilyn and Adironnda & Company are hosting our annual a 3 day conference to educate, support and connect with other Visionaries and Luminaries who are changing the world. (formerly known as Walk-ins Welcome Conference)

Visionaries in Light Convergence

Visionaries in Light Convergence

Sept 25-27, 2015

Hot Springs, AR

$499 for full conference


(Register Early & Save $100, Use Promo code: EARLYBIRD)


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7 thoughts on “Group Sessions

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  6. Dwight Strickler says:

    Hi Marilyn,

    Wanted to share this with you and your readers.

    At the group channeling in San Jose a week or so ago, Adironnda identified me as an Arcturian…which was, of course, news to me.

    Well just this morning, Doubting Thomas came to the forefront loud and strong. Arcturian. Am I? Really? This is all bs… etc. etc. So I asked the Universe to show me. I asked to be shown the color cobalt today. Much like Marilyn asked to be shown feathers. In a convincing way, not just
    a piece of jewelry or glassware, but in a way that would make me a believer. Cobalt of course being an Arcturian color, the color of either their star or their planet, not sure which one. (I have since done a little bit of research!)

    After a few small sightings this morning, I go out to the mailbox to get the mail. And in the mailbox is a men’s clothing magazine entitled “carbon2cobalt” with a cobalt sweater on the cover, and of course lots
    of cobalt blue men’s wear inside.

    And to think that I was considering submitting a request to stop all “junk” mail.

    Cobalt is my new favorite color.

    P.S. And the interesting thing is, it was yesterday’s mail. It had been delivered, before I had even asked…


  7. Alice Leong says:

    Dear Marilyn
    I live in Vacaville in Northern Calif.
    I am interested in being in a group channelling please put me on your local
    mailing list,
    for Northern Calif. I need to be with like
    minded group if feels like family a spiritual experience
    thank you

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