12/12/12 I Feel FineThis Plerkshop (Play + work = Plerk) is truly about healing from the inside out. Our cellular system carries programing of all our past experiences and they provide support, blockages and much more. After all, You are the architect of your own life experience. Are you happy? Really happy? Loving life?

During this Plerkshop “Every Little Cell,” you will connect energetically with your Higher Self to acknowledge and accept who you are, releasing any fear currently blocking you and allowing your true self to step forward. Support and be supported in your journey with a new circle of Soul Mates. Learn to live continuously moving towards the next level, laughing all the way. During the Plerkshop you will;

• Expand into pure possibility thinking

• Open your awareness thru activations

• Visit the Akashic Records to integrate your past

• Energetically clear out unnecessary patterns

• Magnify your talents and skills for your own highest good

• Release & integrate generational disease & family triggers

• Embrace supportive individuals

• Understand your life’s purpose and embrace it!


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