CampingIconHave you ever noticed that while camping you suddenly become more present to the sounds, smells, and signs around you? Yet, those signs are always present whether at home in a city, or sleeping in the woods. It’s only your attention that magnifies them.

This wonderfully entertaining, and interactive “Plerkshop” (Play + Work = Plerk) will help you become aware of the signs and symbols around you, and their personal meanings. Learn to interpret the messages you receive everyday.

You will discover the power of:

• Dreams, meditation, and journaling

• Colors, animals, numbers as daily signs

• Your totems and their meanings

• The many languages of the Universe

You will walk away with:

• Appreciation of the unexpected

• A way to implement a meditation practice

• A first hand experience of how laughter truly is the best medicine

• Complete trust in the Divine Plan

This unique Plerkshop will have you looking at life in your own unique and magnificent way while you laugh, sing, dance, and play your way to enlightenment.


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