Since 2011, known as the Walk-ins Welcome Conference


*Actually, the conference is Hot Springs Village, which is Hot Springs-adjacent.
Plan to arrive by (early) Thurs., Sept. 24, for the PreEvent (9AM-2PM) and to depart Mon., Sept. 28.



Your Hosts: Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey


Meet the Visionaries and the Luminaries!

For more than a year now, we have been guided to connect with some pretty amazing people. Through our Radio Show, Visionaries in Light Radio – we’ve introduced a few of these amazing visionary friends of ours. Through our Webinar Series, Visionaries in Light Webinars – we’ve shined the light on the messages of some powerful speakers. These are true tree-shaking individuals with a knowing they are divinely guided to shift the planet.

  • WHO: Anyone who knows that they are here to help with the Shift of this planet and is looking for a Spiritual connection
  • WHAT: 3 Day Conference to educate, support and connect with other Visionaries and Luminaries who are changing the world
  • WHEN: October 10-12, 2014, 9:00 AM-6:00PM Daily Friday – Sunday
  • WHERE: College of the Siskiyous Theatre, Weed, CA, – United States
  • WHY: A Clarion Call to action. Re-fresh, Re-fuel, Re-lax, Re-generate.
  • INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF: 3-day pass $499 per person, 1-day pass $199


Walk-ins Welcome Conference 2013
Participants of the 2013 Walk-ins Welcome Conference, Sedona – AZ

We were guided, then nudged, and we surrendered to the flow bringing into alignment the powerful vision of this planet. Thus Visionaries in Light was created amplifying the energy started at the Walk-Ins Welcome Conferences. This was an amazing directive from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Inter-Galactic Federation to anchor the wisdom from the Masters, (that we all are) and then illuminate this galaxy.

The Luminaries of this planet are lighting the way for Visionaries to step up to the plate and share their beacon to help shift this ever-changing galaxy. So we ask you: are you a visionary or a luminary? Either way, this conference will shift your consciousness, awaken what has been stuck and expand who you are.

In the past conferences, there has always existed a second reason that we are holding space at this time, in this place. In 2011 – We have awakened the connection between the mystical Superstition Mountains. In 2012 – We anchored in the Cities of Light over Arizona. In 2013 – We re-activated the spiraling vortexes in Sedona. (We even have pictures to prove it.)

This year, we are told that we are doing many things in the Mt. Shasta area including magnifying the powerful connection of all Lightworkers and expanding and awakening the number to beyond 23% of the Planet. We are also opening a portal within the mountain for the mighty Telos people. This is all a part of the intention throughout the activities of the weekend, sprinkled into the messages of our speakers.

Of course, we also, always will activate and awaken whatever is in your highest good for you to be HAPPY being who you are NOW!

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