You did it. You’re in. You’re already expanding your energy.

‘Can’t you just FEEL it?

We certainly can and we are looking forward to our next exciting encounter – – – this one just has us wanting MORE.

Waving our pom-poms high,

Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey
Adironnda & Company


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3 thoughts on “Success! Cool beans, Lightworker.

  1. Gerrie-Ellen Johnston says:

    Hello Joeaux,
    Thank you for your speedy reply. I am a transformational coach, I love what I do, I live in Joplin. I have had “marketing experts” before, but they don’t seem to go along with my “spiritual” beliefs. I was very excited when Marilyn told me of a lightworker coach. Thank you. Looking forward to any information you may pass on.

  2. Joeaux Robey says:

    Hi Gerrie,

    That “lightworker coach” would be me : ) Please be patient, we are about to launch a new website in the next 90 days that will allow transformative coaching for many esoteric topics, including {{{energetic marketing}}}. We are very excited about this!



  3. Gerrie-Ellen Johnston says:

    Marilyn, you came to my house about two weeks ago in Joplin, we talked about a “lightworker coach.” Sounded good go me. I signed up for a guide, I certainly would enjoy posts or any information. I would especially enjoy visiting you and talking, this is right.

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