Clearing Space

clearing space

Clearing Space for Divine Order

Do you ever find it difficult to get into “the flow?”

It is so important to clear physical clutter around you in order to create space “within you.” Marilyn’s got a little insight on this in the video below.

When You Surround Yourself with Clutter, You Literally Feel the Blockages.

Having a clear space in your life creates a clear space in your head.
Try asking any Feng Shui expert, or any interior designer, and most likely they will echo the same thought. Ask an energy worker, or those dealing with spirituality, and they can explain why the statement above is true.

When you are surrounding yourself with clutter:

  • physical clutter,
  • mental clutter,
  • emotional clutter,
  • even spiritual clutter

We feel these blockages.

Even though it may not be apparent, we sense it. We tell ourselves something is out of place.

You see, when you are surrounding yourself with all kinds of interests, whether you can see that stuff with your eyes open or not, what those are actually doing is occupying a piece of your energy. And in occupying a piece of your energy, it is filling up some space that you could breathe clarity into. It can use up your energy too.

Now, I would like you to find one space to clean out.

It doesn’t matter if you just cleaned it last week. Clean out one space. It can be the corner of the garage or maybe it is one of your drawers, or maybe it’s the area that holds your silverware for special occasions. It can also be your jewelry box or your cuff links and even your lingerie or underwear cabinet. It doesn’t matter what it is, you just have to choose one.

Clear with Intention to Attain Divine Order

The point I am driving at is that by cleaning out one space and then arranging it with the intention of placing more order into your life, a Divine Order, you will witness something different.

“You see, everything is energy and when you do something with the physically conscious intention behind it then things start percolating along.”

So, in clearing your space, YOU clear your mind.

This is one reason we do “Nearly Silent Retreats”, like the one in Crestone. A retreat, especially one in silence, really helps to clear out your mind. That’s probably why this retreat sells out every year… lots of people are looking to clear their mind. : )

Removing the Clutter

It happens. In today’s world, we end up finding ourselves with too much of anything. Too many things. Too much information. Too much to do, and too many people in our (social media) lives.

Take a Look at your Daily Grind.

Chances are, right after waking up, your to-do list already has a pile of things to cross out. Consider those which are on schedule and the daily surprises which break our day no matter how much we try to put things within control.

Clutter is now apt to describe things that happen which fill our existence with anything considered too much. When you realize that you need to declutter, you will know it. It’s almost considered at a gut feel level.

Consider your priorities then change your habits. If you keep chanting the word “simplifying”, then it can become a good guide for you in crossing out the unnecessary in the list and settling with the essentials in your life.

The common question is how does one start?

  • Is there a right or wrong way of fulfilling this decluttering activity to make the most use of the hours and efforts you spend on it?
  • Are there steps and methods to make sure that we go by the most logical way of resolving the emails, files and documents, and commitments we have chalked in our calendars?
  • Admittedly, it is overwhelming to start with when the odds are stacked like a mountain of tasks, things and others found in-between.

There is no clearly defined and fail proof way of doing a declutter. The best advice is to begin somewhere and build from that point onwards. As we mentioned, keeping it simple as you go further will not complicate what is already a complex web of clutter. Define each way as simple as you can so that you won’t miss a step or overtake a procedure.

Begin somewhere.

Be it out of familiarity, convenience, or ease.

Clearing the Space with Intention

By Marilyn Harper

“I deliberately clear and seal this space on all sides, all directions, above and below, so that only beings from the light can enter my space.
I am so thankful to be a direct channel for the Holy Spirit and the cosmic Christ Consciousness.
I am honored by the presence of each of our Master Guides, Teachers, and Angels.
I know they hold the intention that all healing, all information, all release-ment, all transformation, all integration is for the highest good and the highest joy.
I’m also thankful to step aside my own personal beliefs and paradigms, programs, ideas, and contracts, so that all information that comes through is clear, conscise, and succinct.
I do open the Akashic records to be able to see past, present, and future.
For this I give thanks.”

Namastè Y’all!

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Featured image curated from Unsplash – thank you Cristina Gottardi


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3 thoughts on “Clearing Space

  1. Barbara - Ele says:

    Many thanks to you. I cleared up one spot and placed there things, which I created on my own – some jewelry with gems. As well I placed there a picture of the Elefants from the Thailand Event I was with you, because it was the most beautiful experience I ever had and I am very thankful for that. Since I started this space I am more careful with this place, I am more creative and I am much more attentive about my own needs. It is so wonderful.

  2. Kat Lorimor says:

    Thank you, So many choices. I like your idea of picking ONE, I can start small and work out. Thank you!
    Love Kat

  3. Adriana Lezama Berger says:

    Thank you so much Adironnda and Marilyn it just came in divine time in my life!! i am just going to be moving to my new home.
    Blessings and feeling very grateful

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