Why Clearing Your Mind is Important?

Butterfly Effect

In this short spiritual message with Marilyn Harper, she discusses why clearing your mind with intention is important.

When you clear your mind of old thoughts or energy, you’re making way for something new.

What does that means?

This video below expresses why the clearing is like a spiritual healing,

Clearing with Intention

I’m here greeting you once again from my mother’s house in Kansas. I don’t have the mystical set behind me. Instead, I have the mysticism of my nieces, and nephews, and parents, their wedding pictures, and then their 60th wedding anniversary picture. And we have been clearing out.

It’s so amazing when you start clearing old energy.

A friend of mine, Manuel, mentioned on Facebook on the new moon that it’s a good time to clear out a drawer or empty something out to make room for the new.

How does Clearing Your Mind Affect You?

Well, we didn’t make it on the full moon, but my mother and I started today clearing out her closets, clearing out her energy, making room for possibly my energy. You see, sometimes we get to clear something out to make room for the new.

My mother is clearing out some of her space to make room for me, maybe, to come over and take care of her when I’m in town on a little more permanent basis. It’s a new chapter for her, and it will be a new chapter for me, too.

You see, when you clear something, it opens a space in the universe, and that’s what we’re doing. As Manuel suggested, on the new moon, it’s a great time to clean out a drawer, clean out a closet, clean out your car, you know, take something and clear it with intention. And when you clear it with intention, then that makes room for the new energy. As a spiritual healer, I facilitate this at classes, workshops, and spiritual workshops.

How to make room for the new things.

One of the classes I facilitated was called The Butterfly Effect, and that’s what it’s about.

It’s making one small change in your home that multiplies into a “butterfly effect”, into huge changes in your house. (If you don’t know what that means, Google “butterfly effect.”

So this month, I’d like you to think of, as you’re sitting in your home, just look around your space and see what is it that you truly love, what is it that you’re ready to pass on to someone else? It opens the way for new things.

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One thought on “Why Clearing Your Mind is Important?

  1. Christine says:

    Great timing, per usual. Thank you for sharing and offering – I’m off to clear out some stuff I no longer need and offer it to someone who may be looking for just that thing.
    Namaste y’all

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