Community is Very Important

Another powerful, spiritual message of the month about why community is very important for all of us.

To expand upon what Adironnda mentioned in navigating through the craziness of 2017, Marilyn shares with us the importance of gathering and being a part of special groups.


Marilyn discusses exactly this in the video below. Check it out.

Well, here we are in this time of navigating 2017.

During our January 1st, 2017 Annual State of the Universe Numerology Message, also known as the Double Digit, Adironnda mentioned how community is a very special thing.

Who is my community?

  • My community is you.
  • This includes my friends, which are you.
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  • You are who will love-hug me when I need loving on and you have people like this, too

You see, sometimes we as “light plurkers” (that’s play + work = plurk) light plurkers are out there flapping around in the wind, as Adironnda calls it. We feel so alone. We feel like no one possibly understands us. No one gets us. We can’t talk about all the woo-woo stuff. Well, the world is changing into a woo-world. So ask your friends over. Socialize a bit.

In the past week, I’ve socialized more than I have in a year I think, and it was fun.

Community is very important. If you don’t know who your “peeps” are, or you feel uncomfortable about creating this in your own life, I invite you to join our community.

We have a monthly Double Digit family. We have a Visionaries and Light Convergence, every year, that is also a gathering. We are a group of people (and it grows each year) that meet at the convergence, and vacation together, every year after that, because we are all a part of our Soul family.

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You know, where two or more are gathered, miracles happen. Check it out. Community.

Namaste y’all,


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