As I’m still in the hotel room in San Francisco, I’m experiencing amazing synchronicities. I look at the people that we have encountered. In the past several months I…when I’ve not been traveling, I’ve been dealing with my mother and her health that’s catching up with her 95 and 10/12 year. She would turn 96 on December the 1st.

And, you know, she’s such an amazing person. I know she passed at the perfect time before I went to Thailand. Because everyone was worried, what are we gonna do when Marilyn goes to Thailand. She’s not there to take care of her.

But it’s also about, how I learned about compassion. In the hospital in Joplin, Missouri the nurses and the staff, even the housekeepers were so completely compassionate, which is very unusual in a hospital, having been in several now. And they honored mother. When the doctors came in they didn’t speak to us, they spoke to mother, mom, so she would understand.

And most of the time she was very coherent, sometimes she was not, but most of the time she was very coherent and could make her own decisions, which was good.


You know, I thought that I had dealt with this, but I haven’t really taken any time to. Because I was packing up mom’s stuff and jumped on a plane to come to Thailand, which is why the universe gave me a whole 24 hours, or more, a day and a half, actually, 36 hours to just be.

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You know, it’s also about being okay with being. Transparency is the key. I am a real person even though Adironnda does come through me. And the compassion I have for people has grown surprisingly. I’m gonna flip my microphone off for just a second because I’m gonna blow my nose.

So now me blowing my nose will be in film for you to repeat over, and over, and over.

The compassion that people showed us in the hospital. When they took my mother out they covered her with a black homemade quilt that had colorful stars on it. I’m sure it was an old symbol of Americana for the passage. They wheeled her out and it was, like, people stopped and allowed that passage. I left about five minutes later and the nurses and the aides came out and hugged me.

I guess you all get the opportunity to experience that compassion and understand that with compassion for humanity all things are possible. It feels like compassion should be one of the Four Noble Truths. It might be one of the Eightfold Path, I’d have to look them up. But the, you know, the Four Noble Truths are suffering, everything is suffering. And sometimes we feel that way and I want to understand that more greatly, which is why you’re listening to this while I’m in Thailand.

Nirvana is possible

Desire is the root of all suffering. Nirvana is possible and these are the things you have to do for nirvana. And then you follow the Eightfold Path. And the Eightfold Path, you can google it and find it. There’s a little different words right resolve, right communication, right speech, right mindfulness, right focus or concentration, right inspiration, you know, probably not right inspiration, I probably made that one up. But those eight…the Eightfold Path will get you to nirvana.

I wanted to understand that and I wanted to understand why they say that everything is suffering, because I don’t know…I don’t want to feel that everything is suffering. Even though it’s okay to suffer, even though that’s fine. I want to understand how being compassionate for another human being is considered suffering.

Compassion from others is every bit as much of a gift as giving compassion

Receiving compassion from another human being, even though, like, right now I feel like I’m suffering because I’m crying and weeping around on video film for you to watch. I guess it takes a lot of courage to be able to do that. It still is receiving compassion from others is every bit as much of a gift as giving compassion.

It’s much easier for me to be compassionate than it is for me to receive that compassion from others. So, think about that this week. What does that mean in your life, to give and receive compassion? To be the compassionee or the compassionor. Which is that? Think about it.

Namastè Y’all!

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7 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Thank you for your loving words, Kathryn. Yes, our mothers can be very special people and mine as well as yours were especially enlightened in their wisdom that they shared with us both during their life. We are grateful and still miss the energy of our mother’s being on the planet. in gratitude, Marilyn

  2. Kathryn Robinson says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss! Channeling, Light Love and Healing to you! I lost my Mom and best friend 7 years ago she passed unexpectedly from a major stroke…I miss her everyday…but she visits me whenever I have a reading, engage in channel of healing or when I am creating… I hope it will be the same for you!
    Blessings, Love and Peace as you experience this challenge!

  3. Karen Buchanan says:

    I’m continuing to send you Love & Light as you move forward in your new world without Mom. As you know, she is with you always!
    Much Love to you,

  4. Nancy Johnson says:

    Thank you, Marilyn, for sharing your story of your mom and her moments before leaving the Earth Plane. I am so sorry for your loss and all that you are experiencing in not having any more moments to physically be with your mom but she’ll be watching over you and just knowing that she’s nearby will hopefully bring you comfort and a smile especially at this most difficult time for you.

  5. Linda Seebantz says:

    Marilyn, My deepest sympathies to you as you go through the process of losing your mother. She sounds like an amazing woman, and from the stories on the 10/10 recording, it sounds like she crossed over on her own terms. A beautiful death. I live with a man who, in his 50’s, went to nursing school and is now a nurse in Santa Fe. While he’s not a fan of the corporate and business side of the hospital where he works, he’s a fan of his patients and was trained to be their advocate. Thank you for sharing your human side with us. Sending love from the bottom of my heart.

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