Connecting Through Stones

Connecting Through Stones

Lapis Lazuli

Hi. I’ve been rearranging my office and thinking about all the books that I own. One book is “The Book of Stones.” It’s a very cool book. I opened it up to the page of lapis lazuli. Lapis is one of those stones that I used when I started down this path.

Inner Vision

I tied a piece of lapis in a headband to my forehead while I slept at night to receive more information. I would also tie it to the palms of my hands to receive more information. You don’t have to do that. But if you have a particular stone that you feel drawn to, you might carry it around with you for a while. Lapis is about inner vision, truthful communication, and royal virtues. It brings in the elements of the wind, and it opens the third eye. And because, of course, it’s blue, it opens the throat chakra. It’s a combination of indigo, your third eye, and your blue throat chakra.

Energy of Love

The interesting thing that I find about this book is they also show the spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental aspirations of each of these stones. Stones are so cool. I’ve had my relatives say, “Well, do you worship that crystal? Or do you worship those stones?” Because if you walk in my house, I’ve got stones and crystals everywhere. My response is no. I have them because they bring in the energy of the great Mother Earth and love, and you can feel that.

Heightening Your Intuition

And sometimes it’s nice to have a lapis stone in your hand. It’s nice to feel that connection. The actual feeling of stones is so nice. I have smokey quartz, which is for grounding, a quartz crystal, which, when you hold it in a certain way, actually has an angel in it. Stones are nice and important for those looking to heighten their intuition and expand their knowledge.

Learning what Stones Mean

Lapis, as you heard, is for inner vision, which is why I tied it to my forehead while I slept and tied it into my hands while I slept. I would carry it around in my pocket while I was on this path. You might think about carrying stones with you. I have bowls of stones around, and I would pick a stone, and then I would carry it around. After I did that, at the end of the day, I would look it up and see what it brought to me during that day, and that helped me learn what the stones mean.

Connecting with Mother Earth

This is just a little bit of education on how to get connected with the great Mother Earth and her gifts and how you can utilize those gifts a little bit better. Namaste, y’ all. Namaste.

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