Cosmic Joke

Cosmic Joke

What is a Cosmic Joke?

Marilyn: Joeaux, I was hoping you could explain to me, one more time, exactly what a cosmic joke is. Because I think I like it, but I’m not sure because I don’t quite get it yet.

Joeaux: Okay. Well, a cosmic joke is something that the Universe gives to you. It’s like the Universe plays a joke on you that you find really funny when you think about it afterward.

Marilyn: Okay. I find a lot of things funny.

Joeaux: That’s because you’re constantly in a state of cosmic jokes.

Marilyn: So, can you give me an example of a cosmic joke? Would it be like the other night when we looked up a restaurant on Yelp, and it took us to the actual distributor?

Joeaux: Right, it was the manufacturer of that product, and we wanted to go to their bistro.

Marilyn: Then we went all the way back to the bistro, which I called.

Joeaux: Which was 25 minutes away. Yes.

Marilyn: And I called them and said, “Do you have indoor seating, and do you have room? And we got there, and they said, “No, we’re all sold out tonight. We’re all booked.”

Valentine’s Day

Joeaux: No, what they said was, they said, “It’s Valentine’s day. And in order for you to come to our restaurant today, you need to have a reservation. And we were booked solid two weeks ago.”

Marilyn: And we all laughed about that.

Joeaux: And then I said, “But that’s not what you told my friend who just called you 10, 20, 30 minutes ago, we immediately came over here. You said that we didn’t need a reservation.” And they said, “Who did she talk to?”

Marilyn: And I said, “A man.”

Joeaux: And that didn’t really fly.

Marilyn: It didn’t. And then I looked on my phone to find out the number, and I called them again. And their phone did not ring. That was the cosmic joke. Was that the cosmic joke?

Joeaux: No, not quite, because then we got in the car, and we thought, “Okay, well, it’s Valentine’s day, and most placed might not have openings.” So we went right back to the same restaurant that we ate at the night before last.

Marilyn: Because we found that the person I called initially was not an actual restaurant, they were just a brewery, which didn’t work for us.

Back to Square One

Joeaux: So that’s a cosmic joke because we were driving all over the place to get to someplace fast before the restaurant filled up. When we finally got to the restaurant that was actually where we started from, remember what happened?

Marilyn: What?

Joeaux: There was only one.

Marilyn: I do remember.

Joeaux: All restaurants, you have to eat outside. We’re in California right now, and there are propane heaters. But at this particular restaurant, there was only one heater, remember?

Marilyn: And we got it. That’s the cosmic joke.

Joeaux: That’s the cosmic joke.

Marilyn: Although not everybody laughed at that cosmic joke.

Joeaux: That’s because they weren’t driving around all over hungry, trying to find a place to eat on Valentine’s day.

Marilyn: We need to have all of our listeners, all of our subscribers, to the weekly message, write that in the Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group what they think the cosmic joke is in their life.

Joeaux: Or tell us a cosmic joke that you’ve had recently and write that in the Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group.

Marilyn: Okay?

Joeaux: Yeah.

Marilyn: Okay.

Joeaux: Maybe we’ll learn what a cosmic joke is.

Marilyn: I need to understand it a little bit more. Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

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