Courage and How to Keep It

courage and how to keep it

Courage and How to Keep It

Hi, it’s Joeaux here. Today I want to talk about courage and how to keep it.

I’ve often been told that people see me as courageous. And, maybe it’s because I went from the corporate world into the woo-woo world, I don’t know.

But, I don’t see myself that way at all. I see it more as an expansion out of my comfort zone. And when we expand out of our comfort zone, that’s where we grow. That’s where it’s really fun to play and a little bit scary.

Flow with the Universe

It does take some courage, of course, because you exist within a life wave that is constantly moving. You have a personal vibration that rises and falls with that wave and you are riding the natural flow of the universe.

So what happens is, you’ve got this wave going like this, right? And it takes courage to go up that wave, and you’re learning, you’re growing, and you’re feeling it.

You get so excited, you’re at the top…you’re about to break through, and just as you break through you actually have kind of a little bit of a letdown after that, because then you’re looking for the next thing. That’s just the natural ebb and flow of the universe.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

And the courage comes in, when you’re down here in this valley, to start climbing the hill again, for the next great thing… because if you stay in the valley, you get stuck.

That’s how people become depressed. You’ve got to get a little bit out of your comfort zone in order to move to the next wave.

And that’s how I think of it. I don’t think of it so much as being courageous as much as I do of riding the life wave, the frequency that you have that fits into the universal wave that’s happening, on the planet, in the world.

Ride the Wave of Life

So, I would just say, take a deep breath, the next time you need courage, and breathe through…Marilyn and I call them breakthroughs.

We never say we’re having a breakdown (although sometimes it feels like it). We always say we’re having a breakthrough, because that helps us get the courage we need to go on to the next stage. Cowabunga.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Do you have tips on how you generate courage? Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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5 thoughts on “Courage and How to Keep It

  1. Jeanmarie says:

    Thank you. That was very helpful.
    I just spoke up publicly to the Selectperson of the town about a misuse of public trust for private corporate exclusion of the public and for private profits using public resources.
    Speaking up was divinely guided but it scared the *** out of me for the last two days .
    Your message came at a very good moment. Thank you so much for the insight and reminder that there is ebb and flow and a wave to ride.Defintely growth causing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Joyeaux – Thank you for broaching this topic and sharing. You have quite a gift of expression thru your art and willingness to share part of your journey, which is part of your charm.

    Used to call my hills mountains for I carried much inner hurt and pain from childhood, not quite comprehending why I felt so different than others appeared to be who easily got along with each other, feeling like something lacked within or was missing, and felt quite alone. It was there that I sat at the foot of the mountain, not knowing what steps to take without hurting more for all attempts to fit in or change eluded me. Somehow managed to survive by trying to pretend to be what I didn\’t feel or know how to express inside (feeling disconnected, even from self). It reached a pinnacle that could no longer be carried until a door opened in young adulthood and a wonderful teacher appeared…just like they say, when one is ready. Spiritual teachings led me to an inner world of comprehension towards coming to understand this hurt and pain when first trying to write a description of what I was feeling – color, size, depth, dimension, where in the body it was felt. Expression began to flow leading me to understand why hurt and pain existed and why I didn\’t have the ability to express it. They also were my teachers. The first realization showed me that by forgetting and blocking past allowed me to learn new teachings and began to perceive pieces of old paradigms with new perspectives instead of reliving what had been set in motion elsewhere. Seeing pieces of past overlayed with new awareness allowed the past hurts to shift and be transmuted to something new. Forgiveness began to play a role, first for self for what I thought had been done to create the low opinions of self carried – it led to hiding inside afraid to show God that part of me when everyone out there seemed perfect. Forgiveness showed when realizing how distortions of truth and lessons learned from out there were covered in fear of facing self, showing me that accepting the feelings of blame and shame instead of running from them were just distorted illusions of truth covered by fear. Once willing to face what began to emerge from within, I found pearls of wisdom and beauty on the other side, and the beautiful experience of being released from what had been carried. It gave me the impetus to get up and start climbing, and so began a growing trust of a process that was shown to me that still exists now only much deeper and more quickly released than before.

    Tools were added over the years that helped to keep finding courage with each new mountain, yet still find myself sitting once in awhile before taking the next steps, needing time to let go, rest, regroup and absorb what had been shown me. Lost pieces of self were being restored, yet at times I sat there tired of the process and resisting the climb, particularly after a long exhausting journey and now know why the journey had to be taken alone.

    While mountains of the past from behind me had been diminished into nothingness, each new mountain meant having to start again yet not the same level, for I was once again facing an unknown with uncertainty, much like starting a new job having to take time to learn about it. Many times I may still sit and just let go for a period of time until something within says it\’s now time to begin and provides energy and courage to continue. Other times there are molehills easily stepped over, with moments of deep gratitude and awe of the process, sometimes given as reminders when needed while sitting at the foot of a mountain once again. I guess that can be called building courage.

    One day I hope to fly over those damn mountains!
    Blessings and love!

  3. John Power says:

    Thank You Joeaux for having the courage to join us here in Woo Woo.
    Lets have a round of applause for those who encourage the rise of the Divine Feminine

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