Cranky Pants

cranky pants

Waking Up Cranky

Are you a Cranky Pants sometimes?

Joeaux: I’m Joeaux.

Marilyn: I’m Marilyn, and we are in Mount Shasta.

Joeaux: We are, and we were just talking about being cranky pants.

Marilyn: I know none of you ever wake up cranky, but sometimes…

Joeaux: And we never wake up cranky either.

Marilyn: I was gonna…

Joeaux: Well, sometimes you wake up cranky.

Marilyn: Well, sometimes you wake up cranky pants.

Joeaux: No.

Marilyn: And, you know, the thing is, what do you do with that crankiness? You know, you can…these are your choices: You can wake up cranky and continue to be cranky and complain about your coffee, complain about your tea, complain about your breakfast, complain about…

When Cranky Pants Calls

Joeaux: The shower.

Marilyn: …the shower.

Joeaux: Traffic.

Marilyn: Complain about your light switch, complain about the house that you’re in or…

Joeaux: Or you can find the humor in it.

Marilyn: And just say, you know, this is so ridiculous.

Joeaux: It’s ridiculous being cranky.

Marilyn: You know, and then start out finding the fun things about what’s going on. You know, you have coffee. You have tea. Celebrate that.

Joeaux: Thank God. You have something, right?

Marilyn: You have warm water. Celebrate that.

Joeaux: Celebrate it all. You know when you think about it, there’s really no benefit to it, at all.

Cranky Pants Song

Marilyn: No. We have a friend that…

Joeaux: Oh, we weren’t going to tell that story.

Marilyn: No, we have a friend that’s got…you’ll have to ask about that friend.

Joeaux: In private.

Marilyn: We have a friend that’s got a song called “Cranky Pants.” I wonder if you put it on YouTube and put “Cranky Pants” in that his song would come up. I can’t think the name of their group. Can you?

Joeaux: Uh-uh, but I remember the song. Yeah, I bet if you Google “Cranky Pants”…

Marilyn: We’ll have to find it and see if we can post it somewhere, “Cranky Pants.” Here it is, enjoy!

Joeaux: And then if you wake up cranky, you should definitely have that on your phone so that you can just roll over, get your phone off your nightstand, and play “Cranky Pants.”

Marilyn: However, I do not recommend playing “Cranky Pants” for anybody else.

Joeaux: Yeah. Yeah, it’s not…

Marilyn: Because it will make them crankier.

Joeaux: Yeah, yeah. You don’t want to be that reflection for them.

Avoiding Cranky Pants

Marilyn: So remember that whenever you do wake up cranky, you know, it’s always possible to get back into bed and roll over and get out on the other side, huh?

Joeaux: You know, one thing that I do sometimes is I lay in bed, and I just imagine all of my chakras in perfect balance, you know, because sometimes you do. You don’t get a good night’s sleep, like, you know, for some reason you wake up in the middle of the night, right, and you wake up and the first thought is, “Oh, I didn’t get enough sleep.” You kind of go into that pattern. And what I’ll do is I’ll just take a minute to breathe, lay back, and I just envision all my chakras in perfect balance.

Marilyn: I don’t do that before I get out of bed.

Joeaux: I know, you have to have coffee first.

Marilyn: I go…I get up and I drink a big glass of water and just kind of…I just visualize that water going through my body and washing any part of crankiness away and balancing my system, and then I have a cup of coffee.

Joeaux: What do you do when you get cranky? Leave us a comment below and so we can all read what each other does when they get cranky. Because, you know, when you think about it, crankiness is really pretty funny.

Marilyn: It’s ridiculous. Namaste, y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

What makes you a cranky pants? How do you get over it? We love to hear from you…Please leave us a comment below!