A Crash Course in Remote Viewing

Holographic Healing Part 3

To Remote View Is To View An Object In the Quantum

Yet, Lightworkers tend to make 3 mistakes that keep them stuck in the 3D world and prevent them from this quantum vision.

Watch this video with Marilyn Harper to learn about those 3 mistakes.


10:16 – Mistake #1 (and solution): Believing that your own sensors, your own inner sight is somehow not working correctly.
17:49 – Innate “Software” Upgrade Activation
30:10 – Mistake #2 (and solution): Not know that what you are sensing is REAL or just your IMAGINATION
41:41 – Mistake #3 (and solution): Believing in the can’t of your own abilities.
46:35 – The definition of Quantum Vision
47:06 – Holographic Healing is based upon Quantum Vision
1:08:55 – Live Q&A with Marilyn Harper
1:28:04 – Special appearance by Adironnda with a few words about Holographic Healing and quantum vision.

About Holographic Healing

Holographic Healing Level III Can be taken separately or in conjunction with HH 1 and II. It is not dependent upon the information previously covered although it would be helpful to have experienced HH 1.

In HH III we will delve deeper into the body. Participants will have a more complete understanding of your own unique way of receiving your information using your own innate abilities. We will accelerate your ability to see, sense, feel, hear or know the human body and exactly how to remotely view (I use that term in replacement of s,s,f,h,k) inside your own body or your client’s body. We call this quantum vision.

Why Quantum? It is viewing with “the smallest quantity of radiant energy,” and interpreting the “sudden or significant” effects on the human form thereby, with intention and creative visualization we will replace those areas that appear to be out of balance and bring them back into a position of balance and integral integrity.

About Holographic Healing Part 3

This 21-Day course included 4 evening hour-hour and a half classes and 17 Morning mini classes and activations for a more highly developed inner sight.

There will be two divisions of the course:
1) for those who simply want to bring their own personal health into a place of balance we will utilize the group participation to remotely view the emotional cause as well as the physical cause and set it right again.

2) for Alternative health practitioners who wish to further their practice using the techniques of HH for their own clientele. (certification is available for those who have completed each course and the practice periods.

With this 21 Day course, we will move through the human form and systems spending 2 or 3 days on each system

1) – Understanding the ability to see or sense inter-dimensionally – Identify how you receive your information
2) – Spine, Bones, Cartilage – regeneration of cartilage, alignment of bones
3) – Circulatory system – Heart, blood, lungs
4) – Brain, how the different areas work and how to upgrade the system
5) – Organs, digestive, reproductive, abdominal cavity
6) – Muscles, ligaments, tendons
7) – Nerves, moving it all together


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