Marilyn and Joeaux to Attend the Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony

Cree Sundance Ceremony

By special invitation to only 40 guests by Dr. Bruce Lipton, we (Marilyn and Joeaux) have accepted the honor to participate in the 2017 Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony near Calgary, Canada in late June.

This video below is a 90 minute Q&A about that experience, with Marilyn and Joeaux.

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Why Did We Do This?

Facing our fear
Taken in Big Sky, MT – during a group zipline adventure with Kryon group.

In alignment with our personal and company mission of “Creating a Happy World”, we saw this as an extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime “Be the Change” opportunity as promoted in our Visionaries in Light Convergence. As an outsider, in this very sacred prayer ceremony, we were able to assist in lighting the planet with the intention of harmony and peace – the same as the Cree Indigenous people.

How Our Community Participated

Unfortunately, we couldn’t bring you with us physically to attend this Sundance, we will brought in your energy, our Adironnda community. Many of your chose to contribute – we requested assistance in travel costs and also in collecting a donation for the Cree tribe. We were able to give them a check for over $3000.00. We genuinely felt your support!

About the Sundance Ceremony

An excerpt from the original invitation…

Human behavior has precipitated the Earth’s 6th Mass Extinction event and now civilization is at a Crossroad in Evolution. Survival, whether on a collective level or on a personal basis, is dependent upon our ability to live in harmony with one another and especially with the environment, Mother Gaia.

Planetary Call

To thrive into the future, we must relearn the nature of community and living in harmony within the Garden.

Simply, we need to learn the wisdom inherent in the culture of the Indigenous American People.

The ancient Sundance Ceremony is a prayer for life, renewal and a spiritual and physical offering in service to the tribe and to the Earth.

We will have the opportunity to participate with a community of First Nation Cree natives in a Sundance Ceremony and experience the most important spiritual ritual of the North American Great Plains Aboriginals.

As emphasized in Spontaneous Evolution, today’s global crises are a planetary call to acknowledge our aboriginal origins and reaffirm our connection with the Earth and Mother Nature.

Aboriginal societies have always recognized and honored the spirits of the air, the water, the rocks, the plants and animals, and most importantly, the spiritual nature of themselves.

Cree Sundancers

The honoring traditions of our ancient forefathers are still carried out by the few remaining aboriginal communities that inhabit our planet. The rituals performed by these societies integrate the human spirit and body with Mother Gaia.

Chief White Standing Buffalo and Cree Nation elders have generously opened their sacred Sundance Ceremony to invite 40 guests (including Marilyn and Joeaux) “to walk in their moccasins.” This bold move offers visitors an opportunity to sit at the feet of First Nation People and directly participate, experience and learn their life-sustaining insights on the secrets of Nature.

This is NOT an invitation for “tourists” to observe a cultural reenactment!

Attendance offers individuals a rare opportunity to immerse themselves in primal Nature and seek the true essence of who they really are through sacred ceremony. Native elders will offer participants guidance and ancient wisdom that enhances life experience.

Invited participants will have their feet on the ground and their hands in the dirt. They will work hand-in-hand, heart with heart, with the Cree community in preparing the site and building sweat lodges and an elaborate ceremonial arbor.

Most importantly, everyone participates in the ceremony … learning rituals, and becoming actively involved in an offering to and with the Earth.

Dr. Bruce Lipton continues, “from personal experience, the wilderness environment, drumming, chanting and dancing throughout the ceremony can induce a trance-like state, transporting one back to a world centuries before the arrival of the Europeans.”

Most Honored

In deed, we were delighted and humbled to have this opportunity. We feel it is in perfect alignment with what we teach and what our community, you, strives for every day. Your energy was brought into the sacred circle and assisted in radiating out the peace and harmony we visualize.


From Our Hearts…

Thank you for the generous offering to support the health and livelihood of this wonderful Cree community, and your confidence in allowing us to represent you. All prayers and intentions of love were greatly appreciated, too.

We hope you enjoyed listening and watching the video above of this remarkable and extraordinary experience.

We Love to Hear from You

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9 thoughts on “Marilyn and Joeaux to Attend the Cree Nation Sundance Ceremony

  1. Vianne Tiffany & Gary Brewer says:

    The Link for “Make A Donation” is not working. I will see if I can find a way to do this on your home page

  2. Dolora says:

    I am trying to make a donation and I can’t get to the spot. Nothing happens when I click on make a donation. Thanks for your help.

  3. Marielle Losier says:

    I am with you in spirit, this event is a well deserved gift from the Universe for all the good you put out!!!! InJoy!! keep me in your vibration!!!

  4. Renate Suana Neikes says:

    Hello my beloved friends!

    I have been at a Sundance already in Rosebud reservation and my ex-husband is a Sundancer. I am thrilled that there is a sundance near me on the other side of the mountains…
    Would it be possible that I come with you?

    I know all about the ceremonie and have run sweatlodges myself and was on a vision quest already.
    I really would love to be part and meet the Creek people.

    Please take me with you!
    much love

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