Crystal City

Crystal City

Do you want to find your very own crystal city? Now is the time; because this month we are heading to a healing retreat in Mt. Ida, AR to heal in the energy of Gaia. We’ll be exploring crystal caves, swimming in the crystalline water, and digging for crystals in two of our favorite mines. Your crystal city is waiting to be found.

Crystal City

Hi, Marilyn Harper here. I know I look a little filmy or something. I think it’s because I’m in front of a slide that is of Lake Ouachita in Mt. Ida, Arkansas, and this is before we go to our retreat in Mt. Ida. I was just cleaning some of my crystals and I just want to show this one to you.

That’s what crystals look like when they come out of the ground. Most of the time they’ve got iron ore on them. This is a little crystal city, if you can see that. It’s just incredible! This is one of my favorite crystals. One of the reasons that I love this crystal city so much, is because it was from my very first crystal dig in Arkansas.

A friend of mine, Sylvia and I went down in 1996, ’97 and went crystal digging and it was so amazing. I cut out this little crystal city and it’s one of my favorites. And one of the reasons I love crystal cities is because it reminds me of all of our people, you know, little crystal shards all over the planet. And I just I just love that whole idea.

We are going to Mt. Ida, Arkansas, in three weeks, or something like that. And if any of you could act really fast (we’ve had a couple of cancellations) you can join us. Go online to our website, under Events, and go to Mt. Ida Healing with the Crystalline Energy of Gaia.

We’re going to go swimming in Lake Ouachita, which the whole lake, as you can see, is crystal beds and the water is so rich in healing. We’re going to go out on the water with a local shaman, and we’re going to go swimming and floating and healing in the lake, in the waters. We’re gonna go crystal digging in a couple of our favorite crystal mines down there.

And as I was pulling these crystals out, just kind of rearranging them and loving on them, I thought I would do this weekly message about crystals and crystal cities. So think of you… as a part of your community, and think of how you are in relationship to your community. You are like this little crystal city, touching every other part of your community. And in this little crystal city, sometimes there’s deep treasures that are being found, that you may not even know exist yet.

In cleaning some things out (we’re getting ready for a yard sale here in Missouri), I found this which was, at the moment, a clump of clay that I brought home with me and I thought, “Why am I bringing home this clump of clay?” And as I started looking at it, you can see the clay is still there, but it is solid crystal cities on all sides. Even on the backside, there’s still clay; I haven’t cleaned it yet. And it’s just so amazing.

I got this from our last trip in Mt. Ida, and I’m so thankful that I brought it home with me because it’s just full of the most amazing energy… I remember digging in, thinking that there was a big crystal in there. This was the only part that I saw, right here. And I dug and I just pulled up clay and I thought, “I don’t know what’s there but I’m taking it home.” But you can see it’s just bright with crystal cities.

Again, this is like you. This is like your people, your energy, all touching each other. Now, after the crystals are cleaned, they kind of look like this. This is another crystal city that I dug myself. It’s got a double terminated crystal here. This is from the mines too. You know, when I think of the energy, of going into one of the nodes of the planet, if you’re familiar with the Lemurian Choir, Kryon, Lee Carroll has named Mt. Ida, Arkansas, as one of the nodes.

We’re staying in a resort, Mountain Harbor Resort. We’ve got three cabins reserved. And it’s just amazing to feel the energy of the crystalline grid as it is presented in Mt. Ida. You know, you can feel the difference in the land when you’re getting close to Mr. Ida. It’s kind of like Sedona and Crestone. You know, you feel that heart opening in the land. And that’s kind of what we’re doing here.

So as your weekly message, this week, I’d like you to think about how you are a part of your own crystal city and how you are expressing and experiencing the healing heart opening in your life, and what you’re doing to acknowledge that. That is your weekly message this week.

And if any of you can act fast, the retreat is June 24th through the 28th. We normally don’t mention these on any of our weekly messages. However, this one’s really important. June 24th through the 28th, you’re flying to Little Rock, Arkansas. Go to our website, under the Events tab and look up Mt. Ida Healing with the Crystalline Energy of Gaia, because the whole purpose of this retreat is personal healing.

And we’ll be doing healing sessions, we’ll be doing energy work. It’s just going to be magnificent. And we’re going to find these wonderful little crystal cities just for you, so you can indeed acknowledge the crystalline grid that has around you. Have a wonderful week. Leave comments or questions below. Namaste y’all, namaste.

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