The Buddha, A Crystalline Reflection

Crystalline reflection with Buddha

In this episode, Marilyn shows us her dashboard bobble monk that she calls Buddha on the dashboard of her car. She says that he makes her smile and reflect that if we just “bobble” like the little Buddha when we are feeling off our path, we will be shown the way to enlightenment.

Marilyn’s Bobbling Buddha

This is actually my car. I’ve got my little bobbling Buddha, and I’ve got my crystal mandala that I got in Crestone, Colorado. There have been so many people who’ve asked me about what is going on with this bobbling Buddha, and why I have this plastic Buddha on the dashboard of my car? And where do they get one? I love it, I could start a trend.

I got it on Amazon, it’s called Dashboard Monk Bobble Head. I’ve posted the link here. And why do I have him on the dashboard of my car as well as this crystalline mandala? Well, the crystalline mandala came from Crestone. And Crestone, Colorado is where we do our Your Next Step Nearly Silent Retreat. It’s an amazing adventure, and this is a reminder to me that no matter where I go, no matter what I do, I am always a crystalline reflection of all that I encounter. And, that all the colors of the rainbow, all the colors of the universe, are reflected through me, and to me, from other people.
bobble head buddha

My little bobbling Buddha, my little meditation device on a spring, he keeps me smiling and he keeps reminding me that no matter what happens, that if we take all questions into meditation, if we take all questions into the stillness, that those answers will indeed come forth. And it’s much easier to keep a smile on your face than to get upset and keep a frown.

Going with the Flow

I know sometimes the universe just seems to throw a lot of stuff at us, but that meditation, that energy, will keep us in the flow of everything that is necessary for us to experience. So keep the flow going. Keep your little bobbling Buddha on the dashboard of your car. Trust that all is still imperfection.

Even when the dashboard of your car is dusty, you are in control of that. Even when sometimes that reflection moves around and you think, “What in the world am I reflecting right now?” Just remember that, your smile still goes much farther than anything else. Let’s just take a moment of stillness right now as you watch my little Buddha.

Remember you are the crystalline reflection. You are also the Buddha. Find that centered place within you and breathe into it.

Namaste, y’all. Namaste.


‘Got a thought about this? Do you have something that makes you smile like my bobble head monk? Leave your comment below!


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