Dealing with the Overwhelming Energy of NOW

Overwhelming Energy of Now

This may be a vacation month for you. A lot of people vacation at this time. I am not vacationing, and what you’re seeing is not something that’s growing out of my head. (But, well maybe it’s masking my antenna.)

Actually, I am at an AirBnB right now, working.

I think the thing that I would like to impress upon you this month is to make the most of wherever you are… If you’re vacationing, congratulations. Working? Congratulations. Sitting at home wondering what you’re going to do? Again, congratulations.

It’s all in the perspective.

One perspective is that if I move my head just right, it looks like I’ve got a plant growing out of my head. That’s a perspective.

If I move it just right, you can see the air conditioning system in this AirBnB. But, that perspective of where you are… may feel a little overwhelming to you.

For the next few weeks, I’m going to see if I can give you some tips on how to deal with the overwhelming energy that we are living in right now. It’s intense. Yes?

Sit in the Silence

So the first thing that you know I’m going to say (if you have listened to me for five minutes any other time) is to sit in the stillness: 5, 10, 15 minutes a day.

Sitting in the stillness will actually help you anchor yourself into this present moment. Often, what we are anxious about are things that have not happened yet. What good does that do?

Instead, sit in the stillness and bring yourself present.

Focus on exactly this present moment, and what you are doing right now.

What is the next most important thing for you to do, to say, to know, to be in this state of divine grace? What does divine grace mean to you? Having that energy, and having that information, will help you from feeling overwhelmed.

I know the politics and the things that are going on around the world are intense.

So what can you control?

What is in your control? That’s what you get to think about: what is in your control? And then take action regarding that specific thing.

Tip #1: Be present, breathe, and ask.

So tip one: be present, breathe into the stillness, and ask, “What is in my control that I can physically do?” Then, take action!

I guess that’s step one.

And, step two… tip one and tip two!

Maybe tomorrow we’ll have tip three, and maybe tip four.

Have a great day.

Namaste y’all,



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10 thoughts on “Dealing with the Overwhelming Energy of NOW

  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Tina,
    We will uploading lots of recordings on the Walk-In Phenomenon shortly. Keep watching. We will try an send out a notification when we get them uploaded. They will provide lots of info. Stay in touch! Blessings in gratitude for you agreeing to come to this planet! Love, Marilyn

  2. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Paulette, we could all use a little grounding and assistance from Gaia and sending assistance TO Gaia. Each morning try, with your intention, sending your energy like a beam of light into the Earth, Gaia, feeling her love and sending love in return. It feels pretty cool. Loving you, Marilyn

  3. Liz Sands says:

    For the past 10 years you have been making a huge and positive difference in my life. I am grateful for you, Joeaux, Adironnda, Rafael and all the Council…my heart is full of love.

  4. Rose says:

    I sit with my face in the sun, eyes closed for 20 minutes and breathe deeply thinking about how good the warmth feels. Or I look at the trees and blue sky and the flowers and tell them how beautiful they. This brings me into the present and reminds me how lucky I am to be alive right now here!!

  5. Mary Simonton says:

    Oh! I Love the serendipity of it All. I AM being,focusing on, in, Stillness, the present moment,experiencing emptiness. Love and Blessings. Mary.

  6. Tina says:

    I can across your site while doing some reading about the phenomena of walk ins. I remember reading her book ages ago, when I was still a teen. I’m curious to recall more.

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