Define Your Shadowed Self

Journaling Your Shadow Self

Someone suggested that I do a weekly message on journaling for your shadow side or shadow self. I found that an interesting request. First of all, we have these beautiful journals that are the perfect size to take anywhere. They may even fit in your purse, and the lines are perfectly apart. They’ve got a little bookmark here. You can close it with a band. You can also get a genuine Adironnda & Company pen that you can hook into the rubber band, so you always have a pen.

Living in Duality

But that’s not why I want to talk with you. That was just a sidetrack. When you journal to connect with your shadow self, you would first have to define it. They say everyone lives in duality: light and dark, yes and no, before and after. You are the light, and you are the dark.

I would rather not call it my shadow self. I would name it my ego, mind, and personality that wants to argue with everything I do, say, or know. Now, you can explore that in your journaling, and that’s a great place to explore it. No one can hear or see it except for you. It’s your secret.

Take Note of Triggering Experiences

When something happens to you, that kind of nudges you a little bit, you think a little grizzly about it or something like that. Write that situation at the top of your journal page. Then sit for just a few moments, in stillness, and write about it. Write about how you felt and what happened.

Write about when was the first and last time you felt that way. Through your writing or journaling, you may discover your patterns of illumination. You may also learn about your patterns of placing your shadow or egoic self into the divine order self, into the light self. That makes a huge difference.

When you do, it’s much easier to journal about it. I’ve found in writing that Adironnda says the heart speaks to the mind, which comes through the hand. It may also be that the heart speaks to the brain, which comes through the hand, so that’s also a form of release. You don’t want to rip parts of yourself out.

Your Life, Your Responsibility

Still, sometimes you can journal about those things that you don’t like. Those things that make you upset or cause upsetness to be within your body. Nothing can make you upset unless you allow yourself to be upset. I take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in my life.

I take 100% responsibility for how I respond to everything that happens in my life; that’s the key. You simply acknowledge it, and sometimes it makes a difference. If you rip that page out of your journal, rip it up and say, “I am putting all my emotions attached to this situation and throw it in the trash. “Try it, and you might be surprised how freeing that is.

That’s your weekly message for today. Please take a little journal into your soul, yourself, and that exterior that attaches itself to you. Then when you integrate that part, that is not you. The light has a better opportunity to shine on the part that is really you. Namaste Y’all, Namaste.

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