Defining Walk-ins, Starseeds and Lightworkers

Reprinted with permission from Hannah Beaconsfield’s book:
Welcome to Planet Earth

By Hannah Beaconsfield

Welcome To Planet Earth
Welcome To Planet Earth

For a phenomenon that is very complex, I feel that the concept of walk-ins is sketchy at best.

The true nature and extent of consciousness is not available through the human mechanism that is our vehicle for perception. Therefore, we must construct concepts that come as close to reality as our limited consciousness can accommodate.

Walk-ins share more than one spirit energy operating through one physical vehicle.

This can be accomplished in many ways. One spirit can replace another, though the vehicle will always carry programming form the original spirit. Replacement can be gradual, with the incoming and outgoing spirits alternating in the body for a period of time. Split-second replacements usually occur in the case of a truamatic incident such as an accident. Many near-death experiences involve walk-in situations.

There are also situations in which the spirit energy blends or braids into the original spirit; they then vibrate as a single spirit energy.

I feel most walk-in situations are between soul-family members, which means they are compatible and even familiar with each other. I know there are situations in which a spirit with no family connections takes on an “abandoned” body. Urgent need can make this type of exhange necessary. This situation can cause severe even psychotic disorientation and a aparticularly painful adjustment period.

I’m sure there are many more variations of this process. But I also think the process itself is getting too much attention. It is more important to focus on why this phenomenon is happening in such numbers at thtis time, what purpose the walk-ins have come to serve and what help they can be given.

Starseeds are spirits whose connections and experiences are primarily with an extraterrestrial civilization.

They have little or no experience with Earth life, and they come into this world with the birth of the body. In some ways starseeds have a more difficult time than walk-ins because from the beginning they often feel out of sync with society and their parents. They can carry this sense of being an outsider throughout their lives. However, many starseeds meet and create an insular group or partner relationship in which they establish their own world consciousness, thereby gaining a sense of peace and belonging.

Everyone on Earth is, at the most intrinsic level, a lightworker.

However, this term usually refers to those who are actively working toward the transformation of this world to an integrated energy unit that radiates light, not darkness. When we say “actively working,” we don’t mean just being conscious of the work they are doing, for many light workers are active when they are on the dream plane. Eventually, all Earth personnel will be active lightworkers. The Earth is giving birth to a new version of herself and there are millions of midwives assisting.

Editor’s Note: I republished this particular chapter here in light of our webinar “The Truth About The Walk-in Phenomenon.” I begged Hannah to speak online to our participants… she declined for now, wondering how anyone was dealing with the energetic chaos – however, she did wish us well in getting this information out and wondered how we were to get anything done at all during this time. As a walk-in myself, her book brought me many answers to some of the feelings and confusion I’ve experienced since the day I walked in – April 16, 2011 – 2:45AM. I wish to extend a special thanks to Hannah for allowing us to republish her very important work.- – – Joeaux Robey


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