Selenite Sword Mastery in Denver, CO

Selenite Sword Mastery

May 10-12, 2019 in Denver, CO

What Are Selenite Swords?

Our Selenite Swords of Light, crafted by the talented Tom Ledder, are one-of-a-kind, powerful healing tools that can provide relief of physical, emotional and mental pain when used properly.

And… that’s why we’ve created SELENITE SWORD MASTERY COURSES, so that you can understand EXACTLY how to put these powerful tools to work for yourself, or in your energy practice.

Selenite Sword Mastery Workshop

Just once a year, the Vessel, the Joy and the Selenite Sword Maker, get together in Colorado (in the Springtime) to teach this unique healing modality in an interactive, experiential workshop.

In one weekend, Friday through Sunday, you’ll learn different areas of expertise (for the use of Selenite Swords) from two unique Selenite Sword experts: Marilyn Harper and Tom Ledder.

What To Expect

In Selenite Sword Mastery, you’ll receive three days of interactive, hands on selenite sword training that teaches you basic methods and advanced techniques for using these high frequency tools of light for transformation.

This is an amazing opportunity to experience both giving and receiving of energy healing as we work in pairs throughout the training.

Note: It is NOT a requirement to have a sword to attend this Weekend Workshop. The Selenite Swords of Light will help to magnify the intention, but not required. We will have many on hand for you to sample and use during the sessions.

Join us for the Selenite Swords of Light Mastery Workshop

May 10, 11, & 12, 2019 in Denver, CO

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  1. Deborah Dupre says:

    Hi I attended the workshop this weekend in San Jose, CA and wanted to know if I can get the divine protection statement emailed to me that is used prior to channeling with a client.

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