Difference Between You and Jesus

Difference Between You and Jesus

Jesus Knew Who He Was

Marilyn: My name is Marilyn Harper.

Joeaux: And I am Joeaux Robey.

Marilyn: And together we are Adironnda company and…

Joeaux: Soulopreneurs.

Marilyn: That’s right. Yes, we are. And we were just… We have a question for you.

Joeaux: What do you think is the difference? Really the only difference between you and Jesus?

Marilyn: Well, as we-

Joeaux: And it’s not a trick question.

Marilyn: As we have channeled Jesus, Yeshua, who’s on our council, He says that the main difference was that He knew who He was when He came in. When we come in, we have forgotten who we are.

Joeaux: Right. Well, according to A Course in Miracles, I just read this recently, and it really got me thinking because you know how I’ve been really into the whole mind training thing, right?

Marilyn: Yes.

Joeaux: You know, mind over matter, I don’t like to use the word discipline because that freaks people out. But really, really keeping my promises to myself and according to A Course in Miracles, that was the difference with Jesus too, is that He was very disciplined in his mind, but that meant that He wasn’t allowing his ego to run his life. Whereas when you say we forgot who we are, it’s true. Jesus remembered that He was love. We’ve forgotten sometimes that we are, that that’s really all it boils down to, right. And the difference is, is that He didn’t, as He said, “I’m the same as you, without any baggage.”

Jesus Was Love

Marilyn: The same as you, without the baggage. What would your life be without the baggage? Would it be Jesus?

Joeaux: I think that if we were… Like you think about Buddha, you think about all of the monks. I’ve been reading a lot about monks because they basically spend their lives training their minds.

Marilyn: I would like to see what it is… in Sunday school and all that, we learn that we’re not perfect. That we can’t be perfect, that we were born in original sin-

Joeaux: And that we are perfect.

Marilyn: And blah, blah, blah. And yet, we are perfect.

Joeaux: Right.

God Does Not Make Any Mistakes

Marilyn: Because God does not make any mistakes, and we are just letting go of the baggage that separates us and Yeshua.

Joeaux: Right.

Marilyn: And that’s what I would like to do in 2022. Is to remove that separation.

Joeaux: Ooh, that’s a good one. I would do that one too. And that’s sort of what the mind training is about because the only reason that you feel separated from God is because of your ego.

Marilyn: And ego also stands for what? Edging God out.

Joeaux: Yeah.

Jesus Had Control

Marilyn: Yeah. And so to learn, because the ego is given to us to learn to evolve from it or to control it. And Jesus had control of his ego. I’m sure He had one because He was human, which is why He is human. And so that’s what I want to do-

Joeaux: Well, He got angry. He turned over the tables, right.

Marilyn: Absolutely. Being perfect doesn’t mean that you don’t get angry.

Joeaux: Exactly.

Marilyn: It’s how you handle that anger.

Joeaux: It’s your response.

Marilyn: Right. Exactly. So that’s what I’m going to do for 2022, is see if I can lose the separation between me and Jesus.

Joeaux: Wow.

Marilyn: Yeah.

Joeaux: Then there would be no difference between you and Jesus. Although, He was a man.

Marilyn: I would have longer hair. I could get longer hair.

Joeaux: And you might be taller. A little bit taller.

Marilyn: You know, that doesn’t really have anything to do with it, though. It’s really about the message of the heart. It’s really about the control of the mind. Jesus did have control of his mind. He did have control. When you can control the mind and the heart, then everything else around you in your field follows suit. Right?

Joeaux: Yeah. And controlling the mind is not as strict as it sounds. It’s just knowing when your ego is starting to take charge.

Marilyn: And knowing what to do about it.

Joeaux: And knowing how to respond.

Marilyn: That’s how I’m living in 2022. How about you? Let’s make a challenge.

Joeaux: Pinkie challenge.

Marilyn: Okay.

Joeaux: Namasté y’all.

Marilyn: Namasté.

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