Truthfully… Do you find it difficult to meditate daily?

Truthfully... Do you find it difficult to meditate, daily?

I wanted to share with you this very personal conversation that we (Team Adironnda) had one morning on a team call, while heartstorming the concept of meditation and how for some people, it is so difficult to meditate daily.

Going into the silence is so near and dear to my heart… makes me tingly just thinking about it.

Turns out, each one of our team members had their own special take on daily meditation… it was a powerful, insightful conversation, that launched a movement built around our CD, Daily Meditations.

You might find yourself in this conversation : )

We’d love for you to experience our program… here’s a complimentary Guided Meditation by Marilyn Harper, from Day 5 of our Guided Meditations. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “Truthfully… Do you find it difficult to meditate daily?

  1. Amar says:

    Rev Divine

    After Compliments

    I enjoy appreciate and learn in my association with you I am 72 and have

    never attempted formal meditation except trying to remember creator




  2. Amar says:

    I appreciate and enjoy my association with you I have never attempted

    formal meditation except trying remembering and praying creator most o

    I am 72 years male from India not conversant fully with use of computer



  3. ROSE says:

    I’m glad you met Jesus, can’t join in at the double digit event because of work. Can’t do meditation or worry about learning the techniques right now. Still nost meant for me yet. Can send poems to help anyone in need of different words for things in their life if you feel the poems can help them.

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