May 2015 Shift YOU into YOU … and special message from Master Yeshua

Dearest One,
The 5/5 Double Digit is always fun and exciting.
I know we are living in unusual times. In my meditation this week Master Yeshua has continually showed up with a special message for people about what is happening RIGHT NOW in the world, in your own personal life and what it means to actually remove anything that separates you from your own Divinity.

SOOO, just to let you know, last year on the 5/5, Master Yeshua delivered the message and He will be present again ON THE 5/5 with a very special message and activation.

You see, 5 + 5. We have multiple fives together that sort of means hang on, Bessy, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

Transformation is upon us.

5 + 5 + 2015. That all adds up to an 18, which is a 9, which is the ending of an old cycle.

We’ve been ending all kinds of things lately with the Double Digit. Last month, in the 4/4, it was like an auspicious time for awakening. It was about ending a seven year cycle.

So, we can ultimately JUST BE WE.

We can ultimately BE JUST WHO WE ARE—that we can strip away anything that separates us from our Source.

Strip it away.

Let go of them once and for all – and breathe into the transformational energy shifting you in the year.

See you on the 5/5/2015 Double Digit!



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