5/5/2018 Double Digit Catalyst for Abundance

Catalyst for Abundance

Catalyst for Abundance

May 5th is not only Cinco de Mayo. In numerology, 5/5/2018 adds up to 21, which becomes a “3” day. And as you may have heard, the number 3 is a catalyst. It’s all about creating change with this triad energy that’s coming! What would you like to create more of in your life? This month’s Double Digit Activation from Adironnda will amplify the energies of abundance. And not just related to money, but in ALL areas!

The Double Digit Monthly Activation

Questions asked during the 5/5/2018 Double Digit Catalyst for Abundance

A Series of Numbers

Joeaux: The first question for you, Adironnda, is, how do you interpret a series of numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 4, 5, 6, or 7, 8, 9? I’ve been seeing 1, 2, 3, 4s, and 2, 3, 4s, and I’m not sure how to interpret it, so, sequential numbers.

Adironnda: Now, that is an interesting question, and we have never been asked that question before. Understand that the universe is still trying to get your attention, and get your attention through the signals of totem animals, or signs, or numbers.

So, what we would say, if you are seeing sequential numbers, we are saying, to pay attention to the order of business, pay attention to the details that the one following the other, as you are moving through your purpose, your task, or existence, pay attention to that. That you’re not skipping any focus, you’ve got, you know, A, B, C, and D, instead of going from A to D, or 1, 2, 3, and 4, instead of going from 1 to 4, and you don’t have to pick 2 and 3 as well. And so that is what the message the universe could be giving you in that capacity. Next question.

5/5 The Powerful Date

Joeaux: Why is 5/5 such a powerful date?

Adironnda: Well, it is about change. It is about magnanimous change. It is about shifting in the vibrational frequency from the old way of living into the new way of living. The 5/5 brings forth that element of inspirational balance, tipping itself on its rounded bottom, and to know that the 5 by itself represents change, it also represents sexuality and sensuality.

So you are learning with the 5/5 to be more honoring of your body, to be more honoring of your surroundings, to be more honoring of the abundance that you already have in your life that you may not be aware of, or may not be acknowledging, and grateful for.

So, with that 5/5, we do not know what Cinco de Mayo has to do about. We don’t connect with that much at all. But we’re thankful that they celebrate 5/5 with us.

But you see, that energy is about moving forward. It is about the 5 as the shape of the 5, is a rolling energy, and a look out moving into the inspiration of you.

It also is about acknowledging that foundation and searching for balance in that foundation. So know that that 5/5 is very powerful. And when it is coupled with the 2018, which is 11, which is new spiritual beginnings, new spiritual teachings without much of a foundation, you get the opportunity to roll into building your own foundation. Next question.

Other Questions Asked During the 5/5 Activation

The following questions were answered by Adironnda during the 5/5 activation. The answers are only available to those attending the Double Digit session.

The Next Double Digit Monthly Activation

Why am I choosing to have issues with gaining weight this lifetime? This seems to be an ongoing challenge for me all my life. How can I release this issue?

During the DNA activation, how much is activated, and how long does it stay activated?

How do you know when you have enough focus or energy to create the momentum to support your desired abundance? In other words, when you move from intent and focus, to letting go and trusting that it will happen, and that you’ve done enough. I think they should come to our “Creating Synchronicities Plurkshop,” Adironnda.

I’ve been seeing 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, on my clock in my bedroom often, almost every night. What do I need to know about these please?

Uranus is on the move, and Mars and Mercury go retrograde this summer. How do you see the movement of the planets affecting events over the coming 6 to 12 years? Can we launch new projects, or should we hold off and wait?

Can you please talk more about what you felt when you were at the volcano and in the presence of Pele. I live here in Hawaii, and I feel really excited about the transference of energy from 5D consciousness into 3D, and without any loss of life.

Could other people’s energy affect indirectly the abundance in one’s life?

I’ve been told I’m an oracle flash channel and know it to be true. Personally though, I hold that close to me. I recognize fear while visioning out of body sometimes and it snaps me back to my body. Can you please share a practice or tool that will help me open to sharing more of what wants to come through? I feel I cannot see the blind spot.

So this question is about the Selenite Plurkshop, Adironnda. A participant who attended said she thought she heard you recognize Selenite at the level of 144. And she wanted to know if that’s true, and what that means.

Do you see any progress in the USA politics?

I’m experiencing quite a creative block with artwork. Can you offer some tips to break through?

Crestone Nearly Silent Retreat

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