Attention Citizen of the Planet...

Does Life Seem Daunting?


Reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine 2014

Increase cognitive ability

Journal of Huntington’s Disease 2014

Reduce pain

Evolutionary Psychology 2012

(1) Authentic 14” Drum-making kit: includes a rawhide* circle (large enough to wrap all the way around the back of the drum) with holes punched, lacing long enough to pull the drum and weave a handle, a steamed white ash hoop (created just as the indigenous did hundreds of years ago)

(1) Authentic Rawhide* Drum stick kit and decoration

A local plant orchestration of “the vibration of peace” will be provided by Peter May. You’ll experience the alchemy sound of the wood from your drum frame prior to its creation, and as you finish your drum. 

An opening and closing cleanse of our drum and yourself with the Blackfoot Tribe member and Galactic Shaman, Leandra Murray, to set the intention of building peace on the planet, and connecting with Mother Gaia.

Music and sound healing activation using the digeridoo, the halo drum, as well as his own Native American drums, will be provided throughout the plurkshop by Three Trees of Sedona. 

Adironnda & Company will bring in a Universal message for the group through Marilyn Harper, anchoring in the meaning of drum making and drum circles and your personal participation.

Snack – be sure to eat a large breakfast as we will work straight through lunch, yet we will provide a snack.

Shoulder rubbing with our Visionaries in Light Convergence speakers and all of the like-minded participants in the plurkshop

The magnification of the group for whatever it is YOU are intending

The honor to participate in a group effort of raising the energy of Peace on the planet

Q: Where is the workshop taking place?

A: Westin, Westminster Hotel,  10600 Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CO 80020  |   Denver (area), CO  |  SEPT 21, 11AM-4PM.  This is the pre-event for the Visionaries in Light Convergence. All are welcome!




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Would You Like to Thrive in This World And Still March to the Beat of Your Own Drum?

What Everybody Should Know About the Power of Drumming

You're Consciously "Awake" and You Know It.

Yet... you feel out of rhythm with the world around you.

You do it all: positive affirmations, pay attention to your thoughts, read self-realization books, meditate, and still you struggle.

You're not alone.

According to a recent Harris Poll, only 31 out of 100 Americans consider themselves happy. And, that number is dropping.

The Happiness Index also revealed that "people self-report that they are happier than they actually are." Apparently, you may be really good at faking a rosey outlook, but deep inside you know something is missing.

If this sounds familiar, we have a solution.

Get ready to have some FUN!

THE DRUM BEAT OF PEACE is a 1-day Plurkshop (Play + Work) that will put a swing in your tempo, a smile on your face, and harmonize you with the planet! You’ll walk away with a very special tool (and it's NOT a possum) to pick up your momentum anytime you want be back into that groove.

The simple act of banging a stick (or a hand) on an object immediately releases stress, brings forth smiles, and lowers your blood pressure. Maybe that’s why Shamans and modern therapists both choose drumming and drum circles as a popular tool for healing and communication.

ANYONE CAN DO THIS! What begins in a group as “chaos”, within minutes aligns itself to the oneness of the group. The drum sound alone provides a healing. It balances your personal vibration, and then harmonizes you with the group energy. The drumbeat evokes many powerful forms of energy and is an aid in helping to focus one’s attention and to see clear intentions coming to completion.

No opossums were hurt in the creation of this program

Imagine what it feels like to anchor "peace" into your body.


Imagine drumming-in the group intention of “peace,” AND healing whatever stands in your way of happiness. Then, through activation, you can return to that joyful feeling anytime you hear the sound of a drum.

It’s that simple!

Just bang on the drum and instantly overcome that daunting reaction to life.

You will learn this technique and experience this feeling during the HEARTBEAT OF PEACE Plurkshop (Play + Work). Guaranteed!
Meet your drum Masters!

It's a rare day to plurk (play + work) with these four together at a single event.

Marilyn Harper

Featured Keynote, CoHost, Emcee & 
CoProducer of VILC 2017, Divine Link

Called the “Midwestern Spiritual Sparkplug…” and the "Bette Midler of the Mystical Movement", Marilyn is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, Spiritual teacher and featured on tele-summits and conferences worldwide. Internationally recognized as an expert on the walk-in phenomenon, she brings forth Holographic Healings, and the messages of Adironnda – a Being from the 17th Dimension. Oh! And, Marilyn has taught and lead drum-making in many retreats and will provide the channeled message from Adironnda.

Peter May

Alchemist, Sound Healer, Professor, Wilderness Guide

Embodying the love of plants and music through his life, Peter began distilling essential oils in 2006. That same year, he began playing on and co-producing the Grammy award-winning album Crestone, with Paul Winter. Peter creates acoustically-tuned plant and mineral alchemies with essential oils, and offers them in his Journeys, to support increased awareness and healing on the levels of body, energy, and mind. Peter brings in the technology for you to hear the voice of the materials of your drum.

Three Trees 

Speaker | Musician 
Sound Healer  |  Drum Maker

Leandra Murray

Galactic Shaman, member of the Wyoming Black Foot Tribe

Leandra is an evolutionary change-maker, a Seer, and Galactic Shaman. She lived on an Indian Reservation in Montana for nearly two decades, guided by the Creator’s luminous spirit and taught by the many lighted Tribes of the Invisible Worlds. She expands and ignites trigger points of evolution. Leandra will be activating whatever it is for the group and you, personally, that needs to be activated. She will also be bringing in special messages during the event.

Teacher, Artist, 'SoulMonic Sound Healer', Musician for most of his life and a sound-healing practitioner for over 15 years. Three Trees layers ryhthms & frequencies for healing on the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. Trees (as he is fondly called) makes and sells his own drums, teaches sound healing workshops, and brings in the digiridoo, the halo drum, and a multitude of other instruments. Trees will provide background ambiance and assist in the drum making process.

The DRUM BEAT of PEACE is a 1-day, hands-on plurkshop (play + work) that will:

Make you the proud creator of your own Native American drum – You will make (with a little help from us) a 14” Native American/First Nations drum,  just as the indigenous did hundreds of years ago. 

Lift your spirits higher and higher – Drumming is a repetitive motion that creates a meditative state occurring in many dimensions at many levels. The molecular vibration of the drummer(s) is enhanced and passed on. 

Melt stress, boost your immune system and leave you feeling more balanced - Drumming releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with general feelings of well-being and euphoria. It uses both hemispheres of the brain which helps you to fee more balanced.

Connect you with the Planet – We will connect you energetically (and technologically) to the tree and animal that provided the material for your drum so you can carry their message in your heart. A genuine connection to the planet!

Feel as though you can move mountains  - By simply banging on a drum you influence your personal vibration into a comfortable, steady rhythm, completely present in the now, balanced as the powerful human you are.

Support you every beat of the way! – Drumming is an innate ability and a natural social function. This experience is so hard-wired into our biological, social and spiritual DNA. Just watch a toddler pick up a spoon and bang on the nearest object. You can do this!

BONUS Become One with the Universe - As part of a drumming circle, you benefit from the greater group intention that is magnifying whatever it is you wish to create in your life. You’ll actually be attracting, in the moment whatever you choose!

In clinical human research drumming has been proven to:

Increase immunity

Alternate therapies and Health Medicine 2001 study

Create deeper hypnotic states

Multiple Sclerosis 2004

Create dreamlike experiences

Evolutionary Psychology 2012

Improve socio-emotional disorders in anxiety

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2001 study

Make you happy and joy filled

Create a sense of peace

Here's what you get:

- When you commit to THE DRUM BEAT OF PEACE PLURKSHOP - 

And… to further expand the vibration – You and your drum will be featured LIVE at the closing ceremony of the Visionaries in Light Convergence (for all of those who can physically attend). A webstream will also be provided for those who cannot attend the Convergence.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our drum kits are fully sustainable. Purchased from a Native American / First Nations people that feeds their entire community with the meat of the annimal providing the rawhide for your drum. The trees have been downed due to natural forces. This is very important to us.

You get all of this for only $188.
That’s correct – 
ONLY $188. (including drum kit)

This Plurkshop takes place on Sept. 21, 2017,  11AM – 4PM MST 
1 day prior to our Visionaries in Light Convergence  (optional)
Westin Westminster, DENVER, CO

So, for less than the price of one authentic Native American drum (of this quality), you can create your very own hand-made drum and have it activated with the powerful experience of working side-by-side with Peter May, Leandra Murray, Three Trees, Marilyn and Adironnda… and ALL of the other like-minded participants.

Remember, you're also contributing to a powerful drum circle with the intention of creating peace on the planet!

And… creating whatever it is you are intending!

But, sign-up now – for two reasons: 

1) The deadline to order drums is Sept. 12,  2017 12PM Central and 
2) we have a limited number of people who can participate (in order to provide enough assistance in making your drum).

Once these slots are filled you’ll miss the opportunity to participate in THE DRUM BEAT of PEACE, make your own authentic Native American/First Nations drum, and assist in raising the vibration for the group intention of Peace on Earth.

100% Guaranteed. We are so confident that you can do this (build a drum) and have an amazing experience, that if you are not satisfied for any reason, we’ll give you your money back and you can keep the drum.

Click on the SIGN ME UP Button Below

P.S. THE DRUM BEAT OF PEACE Plurkshop (Play + Work), activated by sound alchemy and special channeling from Adironnda & Company AND your own authentic Native American 14” drum kit will harmonize your world. But, don’t delay! Drum kit orders must be placed by Sept. 12, 12PM Central for you to attend the Sept. 21 workshop in Denver – No risk with our 100% money back guarantee.

Q: Do I have to attend the Convergence to attend the DRUM BEAT of PEACE workshop?

A: No, but we think that you will want to once you meet the amazing people in our community (and speakers) that will be attending both events : )

Q; If I’m not attending the Converegence, can I still drum in the closing ceremony?

A: Yes – we will make a webcast available for you to join in on the drumming wherever you are. The vibration is exactly the same whether you are with us in person or online.

Q: Will I take my drum with me after the workshop?

A: Yes. Please allow 3 days for the rawhide to cure. This is why we are waiting to drum together during the closing ceremony of the Convergence. If you fly, be prepared to carry on your new drum.

Q: Will I get instructions on how to make a drum beater?

A: Yes, you will get instructions on how to do this… if you would like to bring different decorations, please do!

Q: How long will this drum last?

A: It’s designed to last a life time if cared for properly…many people pass them down from one generation to the next.



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