Drumming Circles and Raising Your Vibration

By Joeaux Robey

Drumming circles used to scare the *bejeezus* out of me! Years ago I avoided them at all costs. Rather, I am the car drummer, practicing solo on the steering wheel at 70 MPH down the freeway…

We will! We will! Rock youslap, slap! Rock you – slap, slap!

I learned it wasn’t really about me.

Drumming is all about the vibration of the group and raising our frequency with each strike of the drum. Letting go of my insecurity, I immediately felt the vibration deep within my soul along with a tremendous sense of accomplishment, respect and honor for the animal totems that gave their skins, and a connection to the Mother Earth and my Native American roots.

Finished drum with Grey Wolf’s kit

Enter Cliff “Grey Wolf the Drum Maker.’ Creator of amazing Native American drum kits.

These are the kits we will be using to make our own drums in September at Mt. Ida, Arkansas during our Rock ‘N Rhythms retreat. I’m very excited! After allowing them to cure for 2 days, we will go out under the full moon and have our own drumming circle.

Click here to see a step-by-step demonstration of the creating these drums.

Now, I’ve experienced drumming circles capture the heart of those who let go enough to engage and encounter. Namely myself. Physiologically, intuitively and analytically. The aerobics increase your heart rate and blood flow. Striking the drum engages both sides of your brain, intuitive and analytic, feminine and masculine as you hit it with your right hand and then your left hand, creating rhythm, vibration.

Drumming synchronizes energy – – bringing people together, inspiring one another and creating enthusiasm. It engages all walks of life, even the rhythmically challenged. Drumming links us to the Earth, energizing and clearing our Chakras – healing and transforming!

Most of all, drumming circles are fun, pure joy, and isn’t that what it is all about?

…and the beat goes on… da-da-da-da-daaa …yes, the beat goes on!



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One thought on “Drumming Circles and Raising Your Vibration

  1. Joanne Klemstein Stoll says:

    I loved this commentary!

    I used to be scared of the drumming circles too, for people always think I know what I am doing having Cherokee blood. (I wasn’t raised with any of the knowledge so was clueless.) But as I have been in the metaphysical circles I have, when attending pow wows, had a feeling of connection to our ancestors when hearing the drumming in the last 6-7 yrs. that suddenly brings on tears.

    As I do healing work at the Holistic Fairs, we always start with a prayer…I also feel we should all bring drums to bring in the power of our Ancestors and help from the Spirit World. I have found, even if I was never shown how to do drumming, it is a collaboration of healers and the sounds connect and fit together becoming a beautiful melody. The interesting thing is that no one says “OK, it is time to quit, it just happens in beautiful coordination with each other!” It gives a wonderful boost of our spirits and raises the vibration of the fair. I love to be a part of that. Thanks for showing me how to spell “Bejeezus” Joeaux!!! Never knew if I was spelling it right before! 🙂

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