Eclipse 2017 Spiritual Meaning: The Harmony of Eclipse

The Harmony of Eclipse

Well, happy week before the eclipse. How exciting is this? I mean, we will never see this again in our lifetime, or maybe even our kids, and kids, and kids, and kids ancestors. The last time this eclipse happened, that crossed the United States, it was 1,000 or more years ago. It’s creating all kinds of energetic connections here on the planet that actually the Magnum magnetic field of the planet has raised already in preparation for this.

The Harmony of Eclipse

So if you’re feeling a little chaotic, you’re feeling a little anxious, if you’re feeling a little “ha-ha-ha!”, like you don’t know quite what to do or what to say, or what to have, or what to experience – Hoo! Take a deep breath and join the club. We all are feeling the same way.

That’s why I was guided, I mean, divinely guided (which was not a very convenient thing) to have a live event in Kansas City where Unity Village on sacred ground for a 99.9% viewing and to have some music going on. There’s a huge labyrinth there and then we will have a dual channeling with Shelly Wilson and myself.

Time of the division of light and dark

You see, it is a time of the division of light and dark. It is a time of the connection that is coming through. With that connection coming through, it is about anchoring in exactly what you are choosing, which is why we were directed to have an intentional walking of the labyrinth outside, actually physically, during the eclipse.

When you have that division of light and dark, when you have a magnificent energy that’s going on that people all over the planet or galaxies are experiencing, that hones the information into this area. It’s being seen and ignited from the heart of the nation.

The heart, according to the Keys of Enoch, spring from Missouri, and that whole Kansas City, and that whole line there, is the heart of the dove. So, in this Heartland of Kansas City, you can hardly get much more Heartland than Kansas City, just breathe into that connection.

Join US

You know, you can come visit us live and in person. You can come visit us virtually. There’s got to be a link somewhere that you can connect with this.

I want you to think about what it is that you are stepping in to during this eclipse. Are you stepping into that which you are choosing?

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This, at the harmony of eclipse, we are going to ignite the heartbeat of peace on this planet from Unity Village, sacred ground near Kansas City, Missouri. We will see the eclipse there. Take a deep breath, come join us.



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