Eclipses? Ha-Ha. Enjoy Them.

Eclipse by Bryan Minear

Lemurian Wisdom and Eclipses

During a gathering of Lemurian Wisdom, Marilyn channeling Adironnda gave some celestial tips on dealing with eclipses. The recording contains Marilyn Harper (channeling Adironnda) and Dr. Amber Wolf (channeling the Star Mothers). Below is the transcripted information on eclipses.

Marilyn Harper and Dr. Amber Wolf
Universe (Online) – July 10, 2018
File Size: 24.64 MB
Length: 25:40 MIN



How To Handle an Eclipse

Joeaux: “The first question, I understand there will be three eclipse coming soon. Is there anything we should be doing during these events?”
Adironnda: “Enjoy them. Ha-ha. You know the eclipses are really about bringing in the light and dark and bringing it into that place of balance. It is about expanding your vision, and it is about moving forward with your vision and knowing that, that we trust that even when the sun or the moon goes away it will return. That is really what we are seeing in preparation for these eclipses. An eclipse is a magnification of the energy, and a magnification of the insight of that energy. So with that preparation, what is it that you are bringing into your life, what is it that you are balancing in your life. Is your life out of balance? Is it disconnected from the light and the dark? Do you sleep too much in the dark? Do you awake too long in the light? What is the discrepancy there, and see how you can intend and bring it in that place of balance. Depends on what the season is as to how much that energy is to come in but know that for any eclipse we like to write down, have our vessel Marilyn write down an intention that she would like to magnify, put a crystal on it and set it out under the eclipse, and let that give all that good ju-ju to the energy of that vision.”

For any eclipse write down an intention that you would like to magnify, put a crystal on it and set it out under the eclipse, and let that (the eclipse) give all…

Eclipse Dates (Sidereal Signs):

Jul 13, 2018 26° Ge 35′
Jul 27, 2018 10° Cp 38′
Aug 11, 2018 24° Cn 34′

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