Endearing Nicknames

Endearing Nicknames

Beautifulest Joeaux

Joeaux: Tallest Marilyn.

Marilyn: Tallest Marilyn, woohoo, I like that.

Joeaux: Remember when you had that friend called tall Marilyn, and she was a half-inch taller than you?

Marilyn: Yes. And I was short, Marilyn.

Joeaux: I couldn’t understand why she was tall, Marilyn, and you were short, Marilyn.

Marilyn: She was only a half-inch taller than me, you know? But when you have two Marilyns together, it can get confusing.

Joeaux: So she was tall, Marilyn.

Marilyn: And I was short, Marilyn.

Marilyn: But now I’m tall, Marilyn?

Joeaux: You are tall, Marilyn. No, tallest Marilyn.

Marilyn: Tallest, Marilyn.

Joeaux: Tallest Marilyn. Well, remember, you know how Karl calls me beautifulest Joeaux?

Marilyn: I do know that Karl calls you beautifulest Joeaux.

Joeaux: And it’s so endearing?

Marilyn: Yes.

Joeaux: Well, at first, when he called me that I was really uncomfortable. Not when we were in private. When it was just the two of us, it didn’t bother me, but when he would call me beautifulest Joeaux in front of all the studio, in front of Lee, in front of the studio guys on the set.

Marilyn: In front of the conference on the microphone.

Joeaux: Yeah. Beautifulest Joeaux, I would kind of shrink back.

Marilyn: Why do you suppose that is?

Joeaux: Because I don’t think I felt like beautifulest Joeaux. But something happened the more he called me beautifulest Joeaux, and the more I experienced that, the more I felt like that. And then we had a period apart just recently, and I noticed that nobody was coming in the door going beautifulest Joeaux.

Marilyn: Do you want me to do that when he’s out of town?

Joeaux: Yes.

Marilyn: Well, I guess those endearing nicknames that we have, we always grow into them maybe. And I know when I was a little kid, my nickname was chunky. I know, isn’t that awful?

But I grew into that, and then when I was a high school teacher, my high school students called me little boss or big H. So you can see how that plays out in my personality.

Joeaux: So I wonder if our weekly message subscribers can relate to that? If they have names that they either want to grow in, want somebody to call them, a name they already have, or a name they want us to support them on. And they can write that in our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group.

Marilyn: That’s a great idea to write it on our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group, and if you can think of another name for me that’s not little boss, let me know. Maybe Mystical Marilyn?

Joeaux: I think tallest, mystical, Marilyn.

Marilyn: Tallest, mystical, cutest Marilyn.

Joeaux: Tallest, mystical, cutest Marilyn.

Marilyn: Perfect.

Joeaux: Perfect.

Marilyn: Or if you come up with something else, put it on our Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group.

Joeaux: Yeah. Let’s give Marilyn a new nickname.

Marilyn: I need a new nickname. And then this is beautifulest Joeaux.

Joeaux: And tallest, cutest, mysticalest Marilyn.

Marilyn: I think that’s too long of a nickname. We need to find something shorter.

Joeaux: We’ll let them decide.

Marilyn: Okay. Namaste y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste.

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