Everyday is Thanksgiving

Pong from Chiang Mai Temple

Hey! It’s “the Joy”.

You know everyday is Thanksgiving.

I want to take you with me on my morning walk… somewhere behind me is my dog, headed back up the hill.

I AM so grateful to be alive and I want to share something so simple with you.

We arrived home from Thailand not too long ago, and it was just before Thanksgiving Day. Neither Marilyn, nor I, had time to get out a message of Thanksgiving to you.


At first, I felt guilty, for a few minutes, and then I thought, “are you kidding me?”

Look at this beautiful world we live in…


Meet Pong, the Thai artist with only two fingers.

While we were in Thailand we met a woman who only had 2 fingers. Yet, she was doing these beautiful drawings of Buddha. She was drawing them on the Bodhi tree leaves. And she was selling them. She had a little table and maybe 8 or 10 framed Buddha drawings. Of course, our group saw her and we bought out her entire table.

She was so excited because now she could go home early.

Pong Thai Artist
In revisiting our photo, (Thank you Spring Graf!) I am realizing that our artist friend, Pong, didn’t really have any fingers. As you can see on her right hand, her fingers are limited to the first knuckle, and on her left hand she has only a pinkie and a pointer finger.

We were just so inspired because here was this woman who could have had a reason to not be thankful but she was just so full of life, so inspiring, and so grateful.

A time in my life when I was not thankful.

About seven or eight years ago, I started on this Spiritual path… and I was NOT grateful. In fact, I was angry. I’d wake up in the morning… I had lost pretty much everything, and I would wake up in the morning angry.

Angry at myself.

Angry at everyone.

Then, I created this process, that I probably picked up from a teacher, and it was so simple. It shifted everything in my life.

Attitude of gratitude.

I’d wake up in the morning and I’d force myself to think about 3 things, just 3 things that I was grateful for before I got out of bed.

To think back now, it is kind-of funny because I couldn’t always come up with 3 things. I’d have to say something like “I’m grateful that I have all my teeth”. Or, something obvious like that.

Then, the more I experienced this “attitude of gratitude,” the better my life became.

Today, here I am, smiling, as I fondly recall this beautiful little Thai girl… and me.

Because now, when I wake up in the morning, I have to cut myself off at 12 (things that I am grateful for) because otherwise I’d lay in bed all morning thinking of so many things that I’m grateful. I’d never get anything done but I’d sure feel awesome.

Now, I do the same thing at night.

As Marilyn would say, “I feeeeeeel it in my emotional body.”

I feel it in my heart.

Then I thought about our Thanksgiving message and how everyday I’m grateful.

Everyday I’m grateful to be alive.

I’m grateful to be able to live in this beautiful place.

I’m grateful for the work that I get to do.

And I am so grateful for YOU.

I just wanted to take a second, if you can work with me here, today, (despite the fact that it is NOT Thanksgiving, but instead that EVERYDAY IS THANKSGIVING) write down, below, what you are grateful for?

Leave your comment in the blog post below, or on the Facebook page… join in on the “Attitude of Gratitude” that Thanksgiving is every single day.


Joeaux (with Adironnda & Company)


Seriously. See how good it feels to publicly announce your gratitude.

Share your attitude of gratitude in the comments below. (It can be 1 thing only – or maybe you’ll have to cut yourself off at 12. : ) Like me.