Evolution of Your Soul

Kryon’s Affirmation Card

Ah, so it is good day to you, ah? Those of you whom we have not met, we are Adironnda. And we are excited and grateful to see your loving light, your bright radiance, your vibration radiating out like those candles on the screen there, ooh.

We want you to know that for your benefit we asked our vessel Marilyn to draw an affirmation [card], from Kryon’s affirmations. So we get to all share in that wisdom. Is that all right? Oh, good. Good, because of course, you know, we would do it anyway. Hah.

So take a deep breath, ah? And you can each have this app on your phone, and if you don’t have it, we ask you, “Why not?” Another deep breath. And a third, because we really want you to feel this and drink this in.

“I am an old soul. I have vast experience, and deep knowledge, and spiritual wisdom. I am the hope of the planet and my significance is known by God.”

Evolution of Your Soul

Yes, that was our reaction too, ah? Have a little chuckle there. So if we have all that vast knowledge, and all that wisdom, and all that spiritual energy, then why do sometimes we get in the ‘duca’ of things? Why, do sometimes we get into the trash and think, “What in the world are we doing now, and why is it so messed up, and what is happening to my world? And why do I feel like I’m standing in a big pile of poo? I’m still looking for the pony at the bottom of that pile, huh?” Well, congratulations. Woo hoo, you are evolving, ah?

You see, the universe brings you wisdom. The universe brings you every experience that you need, want, have, or maybe even did not think that you wanted, so you can evolve beyond where you were yesterday. Take a deep breath.

The source of all that is, God, Source, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, maybe Barbara, is because the Universe is you. And you make that request with your contract that you come in with. You ask for experiences so you can have vast knowledge. You ask for the experience to learn to forgive. You ask for the energy and the information that you need to rearrange a situation that you may have had in the last lifetime or the time before that. Yes, that is what is called evolution. So next time you’re standing in that big pile of poo, say, “Oh, yippy, I’m evolving.” You understand that that is the key?

Be All That You Are

You are old souls. You don’t look so old, but we see you on the inside. Yes, you are very old. You have been here a very long time and agreed to come back here at this time and place when the world is transforming, and shifting its entire frequency. As you can tell from the “Hero’s Journey” that you just listened to, you are your own hero now. You are your wizard. You are that essence, and you volunteered to come here at this time so you could, indeed, be all of that. Be all that you are and sort of allow those things, those patterns, those programs, those stories that you have been telling yourself for maybe 3,000 year, that that is not really you. That the part of you that is really you is love and that is the core.

Message from Master Yeshua

For you see, dearest beloveds, you have the same love as I. You have the same DNA, all the strands. And as you are that, I ask you to, instead of pushing against that old energy of backing off, of thinking that you’re not enough, thinking that somehow you’re doing it all wrong, somehow you can’t make the right decision any longer. That is your storytelling. And there are many, many stories that are much more interesting than that old one, so it’s time to stop telling that story. It’s time to evolve into the new you, acknowledging all of that vast experience, that wisdom, that spiritual enlightenment that you have, indeed, had over the past few thousand years and put it to use now. Put it to use now. I ask you to stand forward, stripping away those old stories and allowing them, not to be torn from your energy, for they make up your experience, but to integrate them. Integrate them so perfectly that the pony shows up in every pile of whatever they show up in.

You see, that is evolution. That is what you are doing every moment, every day, every second. You are experiencing the evolution of your soul. And that is why when you continually tell yourself those old stories about who you have perceived you have been in the past, know that that perception may have been biased and that is why you are starting afresh, evolving. And I, we, our dear, dear, friend Kryon, and Lee, and all of this company that travels the world over are here to assist you, to help because we all see who you are. Now, it is time for you, indeed, to see who you are. Are you ready for that? Hello? We have to have the vessel, Marilyn, shake you all out again. Yes, you are.

Mirror Visualization

So we would like you to try something for us. Hold your hand up in front of your face and visualize that hand being a mirror. Can you see your face? Can you visualize what you face looks like right now in that mirror? Hello? Thank you.

Now, repeat these phrases. Inside of your mind, first, because we’re speaking to the inside of yourselves, “I am learning to love myself more every day.” You can speak it inside your mind, you see because sometimes the voice…we’ll voice it in a minute, or vocal it.”Voical” it. Is that a new word? We feel Adironnda laughing in the background over here.

So inside of your mind because that’s communicating to yourselves, “I am willing to learn to love myself more every day. I know I bring value to all I encounter. I know I’m a teacher. Just by my presence, I’m teaching those around me with love, with light, and with joy. I am helping myself to love more and releasing my judgment of myself. I am magnificent.

Now, place your hand on your heart so you feel the vibration of your own voice. And now, it is time to speak.

I am willing to learn to love myself more every day.

I bring value to other people’s lives…

…by bringing value to my own life.

I am a teacher.

I teach by my presence…

…with love, with light, with joy.

I am magnificent.

The world around me is magnificent, as well…

…because I am evolving…

…and I love that part.

And so it is, ah?

We Love You Dearly

Ah, dearest beings of light, we love you so much. We see you. We see who you are. That is why you now have a mirror on your hand so you can see you, too. So whenever you have doubt, just hold your hand up and remember what you looked like right here, today, for that energy is power filled. You are old souls. You are evolving. You are your wizard. You are the new human that we are so grateful that you are here. We have been waiting for you. We love you. We honor you. And we bid you namaste.

What a sweet treat to hear the loving messages from Adironnda and Yeshua this week! We’d love to hear your feedback…please leave us a comment below.


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  1. Carl says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! I love it! and I love the mirror! I love that I am a teacher just by my presence!

    namaste… no mistake.

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