8 Extraordinary Lightworkers to Watch Now

Excerpted from our 2012 Walk-ins Conference for Lightworkers…

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First, Watch this Short Movie.

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This multi* DVD set contains the juiciest experiences and activations of our 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference.

*There’s so much information that came through these 3-days, we’re not yet sure how many DVDs it will fit 0n. Most likely, between 6 to 9 discs.

DVD Mock-up 8 Extraordinary Lightworkers to Watch
Experience the best of our 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference: activations, meditations, profound wisdom.


What we’ve been told:

“I was birthed into a new universe.”
“I feel open, activated, and liberated…”
“…the most impactful 3-days of my entire life.”
“I love Soul Tones, Marilyn, and Sweet Joeaux.”
“Outstanding… Teachers were of the highest caliber…”
“I will be back next year!”

– 2012 Walk-ins Welcome Conference Attendees


In this DVD series, we feature the tips and tactics revealed by our 8 pros who are happily doing today more brilliant things than they ever dreamed possible. AND, They want to inspire you to do the same. In this limited-offer, DVD set, they’ll reveal their key practices and methods to easily and continuously raise your personal vibration even in a world over run with negativity!

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So, You Want to BE Happy Despite the Daily News?

If you are ready to rise above the gloom and doom, to deep-dive into who you truly are, and if you’re ready to have the next dimension of your DNA activated, these DVDs are especially for you.

3 of the original walk-ins
bj King, Leandra Murray, and Marilyn Harper – 3 of the original advocates of the Walk-ins Welcome Conference

These 8 new-wave pioneers will show you exactly where to start, what you should be doing daily, and how to expand by attracting others just-like-you. You’ll learn how (and where) to find your purpose, plus hundreds of other tips that will continue to pop into your consciousness even after you’ve watched the entire series. That’s the magic of activations!

“Attending the conference was the easy part. Putting the knowledge into motion so you go from invisible to visible is the real opportunity. Repetition is the key… you’ll be amazed at what you didn’t see the 1st time you watched vs. the 2nd, and 3rd time.“
– Joeaux Robey, CoCreator Walk-ins Welcome Conference

How do you figure out why you are here on this planet? Why is it so hard to remember who you truly are so that you can rise above the day-to-day duldrums and SHINE among the leagues of Lightworkers.

These DVDs will show you how to get centered, tap into your higher self, learn to balance one foot in the concrete world while energetically expanding your heart center from ordinary to remarkable.

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8 Trailblazing Revelations

8 Lightworkers to Watch 300-pixelsYou’ll learn these secrets:

  • Why desire is one of the most powerful things on the planet
  • What the experts don’t tell you about the Crop Circles
  • How to manifest something “even better”
  • How to truly commune with the Universe
  • What the stone people want you to know about the New Earth
  • Why toning will be the medicine of the future
  • The power of loving your shadow side
  • What to do now that you know that you know you’re awake
  • A debut of the new age weapon of the future: the light sword

Stepping into your full power as a Lightworker is now becoming vital in an increasingly cynical world, whether you’re just stepping onto this path, powering full-steam ahead, or stuck somewhere in between. With the inspiration of these profound 9 visionaries, you’ll see how their concepts can be applied and along the way you will find opportunities that will constantly surprise and delight you.

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You’ll Discover:

  • The NEW languages of light – Soul Tones
  • The importance of passion and purpose in everything
  • How to route negative energy into huge opportunities
  • How to find others just like you, and how they can find you
  • The importance of pilgramage
  • How to clearly hear the answers you are seeking
  • How to “read” your dreams and nighttime work
  • The techniques of stepping into your power
  • How to heal yourself
  • The inner drive of your own drum beat
  • Why singing is the great stabilizer
  • That… you gladly volunteered to be on this planet at this time
  • How to sit still enough, long enough, to remember who you are

Are These DVDs for You?

Enjoying the Walk-ins Welcome Conference Community
Enjoying the Walk-ins Welcome Conference Community

Here’s how you can know for certain:

  • IF you’re a Lightworker, a walk-in, a galactic, a starseed and you know it.
  • IF you’ve gone through some kind of a soul transformation
  • IF you’re not yet on board with the mystery of all of this, but you’re eager to learn more.
  • IF someone you know and love is one of the above.
  • IF you have been told you are here to help with the Shift and you’re not sure what that means.
  • IF you are starting to realize that all of this talk about planets, and angels, and extra terrestrials just might be true.
  • IF you’re a fan of Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey, or bj King, William Linville, Jennifer Hough, John Schulte, Christine Bannigan, Leandra Murray, Lenedra Carroll, or SoulTones & Arizona Rhythm.

If any of these are true for you, then these DVDs carry a message especially for you.

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8 Extraordinary Lightworkers to Watch NOW
– DVDs At A Glimpse –

Here’s a quick overview of what awaits you in this series…

Welcome with Marilyn Harper. Interactive set with SoulTones Crystal Singing Bowls & the drums of Arizona Rhythm

1. John F Schulte The Gift of Desire
2. Marilyn Harper Signs of Conscious Elevation
3. Bj King Opportunities of Spiritual Pilgrimage
4. William Linville A Constant Communion with the Universe
5. Leandra Murray New Earth Evolution Activation
6. Christine Bannigan Making Friends with the Shadow: Together We Shine
7. Jennifer Hough Awakening of True Fluidity of Life
8. Lenedra Carroll The Magic Moment & Sound Activation

Special Bonuses:

  • Meditation with Marilyn Harper A Personal Journey Into the Akashic Records
  • The Galactic sounds of Soul Tones and their crystal and tibetan bowls
  • The native beat of Arizona Rhythms
  • Channel Panel Marilyn Harper, John F Schulte, bj King, William Linville, Leandra Murray, Christine Bannigan, Jennifer Hough, and Lenedra Carroll + conference participants
  • Closing Ceremony uniting all Lightworkers (even those watching the DVDs receive the activation!)
8 Extraordinary Lightworkers to Watch Now DVD Set 150
You’ll get at least 6, if not 9, DVDs. The final editing is still in process! There’s a lot of brand-new information!

This DVD is Only Available HERE

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ONLY $177.00 per set + S&H* $7.75
(Reg. $249) Offer good till Nov. 15, 2012


If ordering multiples or outside of the USA call (417) 860-5432 .
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Less than $25 per speaker

Each speaker charges over $100 – $500 per hour. That’s a value of $1,000s. The conference attendance fee was a minimum of $199 plus travel and accommodations. This DVD set allows you to experience these lightworkers at a nominal fee of less than $25 per speaker AND you can watch them again and again! Plus, the bonuses!We’re completing the editing now and expect to ship the DVD sets by the end of the month!

We’re so excited to hear your feedback and reviews.


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