Family is Like Icing on a Cake

Family is Like Icing on a Cake


Don’t you love families? I have an amazing family. My parents were wonderful people, and I did well in choosing them this lifetime. My father and my mother both taught me a lot. I stayed with my mother to take care of her for several years before she passed. I just learned so much about my family, my history, and my ancestors.

I’ve talked about my brother several times in weekly messages and during channeling. I have one brother that lives in Texas that went to school for an Assemblies of God Minister. So his beliefs are just a little different than mine. Then I have one brother who is an AA counselor, and we see eye to eye on many things; we’re discovering this in the past few years. So when I’ve gone out to California, I stayed an extra day to spend time with him and his wife and gotten to know him as an adult.

My little brother, I was his babysitter when he was growing up, and bless his heart, he survived that. I think of some of the things that, in my childishness, I did not know what I was doing, I guess. But I’m glad we both survived it. I remember one time he bit my toe, and I didn’t think he was going to let go till it thundered. I mean, it was like, “Yow!” However, I also remember when I was clipping his fingernails and cut them a little too close. He is a Jehovah’s Witness, and I have a new respect for Jehovah’s Witnesses. I spent a week out there a couple of years ago.

Honoring Family Members

With my mother’s estate, and I learned a lot about them and my sister-in-law. They don’t believe that it’s possible; this is my interpretation, so if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness out there and you’re listening to this, feel free to email me and correct me privately, I would hope. But, still, my interpretation is that they don’t believe that you can heal yourself. Healing energy like Reiki or something like that is not within their belief system.

I thought, okay, so now I’ve got two brothers with different opinions than mine, then I just stopped, and I thought, I love my brothers right where they are. I love them for their beliefs and their conviction. I love them, and I can’t change who I am, and they can’t change who they are. But, I can change who I am because I can learn to love them instead of criticizing them or, heaven forbid, try to convince them of something that I believe in.

But I find that as I live my life, live my joy and live that space in time that we created together as children growing up that my brothers are coming around, or at least my sisters-in-law are. My brothers don’t ask any questions, but my sisters-in-law do. I had a great talk with my sister-in-law a couple of years ago; she is a Jehovah’s Witness. I did a weekly message on it then. She continues to connect with me in the space that I am in, and I continue to connect with her in the space that she is in. She gave me this book that she found at a yard sale, Secrets of Self-Healing, by Dr. Maoshing Ni, which is not something that I think that Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in. And I honor them.

Infinite Love

I talked with Randy the other day, Randy Luna, our composer and creator of Soul Sound Activations. He has 52 of them available on our website. I saw in his car that he had a Watchtower, and I’m like, “Why do you have a Watchtower in your car?” And he says, “Oh, the Jehovah’s Witnesses used to come by and talk to my wife, Karen.” And she would invite them in and talk to them. They didn’t try to convince her of anything, and she didn’t try to convince them of anything because she was pretty much probably an agnostic.

They were so nice, and they got along so well that Randy has continued that relationship with them. But, because of COVID, they don’t come around and visit any longer. Instead, they mail him stuff, and he keeps it to read over. And I thought that’s the deal our families are who they are, and we cannot change them. We can only learn to grow within ourselves to see in our hearts the infinite love to surround them within.

Expanding Views

When I was doing private sessions, I would hear all kinds of horror stories about brothers, sisters, and families. Well, keep in mind that every single time you say, “They are doing this, and it makes me feel this way,” you are placing yourself back in that state of being a victim. So why not just be who you are. Don’t try to convince anybody of anything; love your family right where they are, and see the good within them. And when you do, you just might be surprised.

I started seeing the good in my brothers even though we have vast differences in opinions about life; we have wonderful discussions, not arguments. My brothers have helped me see and expand my views on things, and I believe I’ve helped them see and expand their views on things. It truly is a gift to experience your families and experience them as they are, not as you want them to be, because that doesn’t really work.

Bonus and Benefit

So for this week, think of your families, maybe your parents, they’ve passed on, but think of all the good things they ever did for you and be grateful for that. If you have brothers and sisters that are still alive, or maybe some of them have passed on, think of all of the good things they did for you or with you. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to search out those good things in some families because not everyone chose the family that I did. But keep in mind, you still chose that. So it may be what you learned from them was forgiveness or how not to judge them. Maybe that’s what they’re teaching you is to forgive them, love them where they are, and go on with your life.

Your life is not necessarily dependent upon your family, but they can be like icing on the cake if you allow that. They can be a bonus and a benefit if you allow that. So think about that. Think of them as icing. And if you have diabetes or don’t like icing or something like that, think of another metaphor that works for you. I love icing myself. And that’s my brothers. My sister passed away. But in thinking of this weekly message, it made me cry because I thought of all the good things. Even though she used a complaint, I thought of all the good things we had together. I’m going to cry again. Enjoy your family. They certainly can be icing on the cake. Namaste, y’all. Namaste.

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