Family Reunions

Family Reunions

Your Questions

I am sitting in front of a green screen with a picture of a world globe. I just wanted to be in front of the world; it’s that feeling of power. The past two weekly messages have been about questions for the universe, and then you have questions from the universe. So what questions are you asking?

Universe is Following Along

Things are moving so quickly right now. Then at other times, things seem to be moving so slowly, we’re like slogging through big piles of mud in coming to the next day. Then sometimes it’s like we blink our eyes and it’s a week later. So, which is it? Are you slogging or are you blinking your eyes and having a week missing from your life because it went through so fast? It may be both. The point is we get the opportunity to move through life at our pace, and the universe is following along.

Picture of Reality

There’s that old adage; it’s a very old adage. I saw it on Juelle and Donovan’s wall, and it said the universe is busy rearranging itself to accommodate my picture of reality. I’m like, “That is wonderful,” and that’s what’s happening. You may be reading this blog after the 9/9 Double Digit, which we had Juelle on as a guest. I’ve known Juelle since 1996; we’ve been friends for that long. She’s one of my teachers. Seeing that little sign on her wall that said, “The universe is busy, rearranging itself, accommodating my picture of reality,” and the universe is doing just that. One stops to ask themselves, so what is my picture of reality?

Most Important Questions

A few weeks ago, Joeaux and I taught a class live-stream from Banff, an inter-dimensional retreat. We asked the three most important questions, three MIQs. What experiences do you want to have in your life? How do you need to grow to achieve those experiences? What is it that brings meaning to your life and other people’s lives? Things that cause you to ask yourself, what is my place in the universe? What is my mission? What is my purpose? What is the conscious step that I’m taking that makes some difference in the world I live in?

Live Your Essence

I’m getting ready to go to a reunion with my family, and they differ religiously and spiritually. I have family members that I dearly love who are Mormon, Jehovah witnesses, Assemblies of God, and family members that I dearly love who are not any of the above, and then you have me. How do I live my essence, and still be me? Answering the questions, what is it that you do for your living? To answer them, I will say, “I help people find their truth. I help people grow to achieve their experiences that they’re choosing in life and bring meaning to other people’s lives.” That’s pretty good.

Speaking Your Truth

So what do you say about what you do at your family reunion? Write that in the comments below. It could be an interesting space to answer. I would recommend coming back to it and reading and seeing how many things are connecting there. What are your most important questions? What do you say about your life when you go to your family reunion? Or is your family the way that you never want to go to your family reunion? Well, come to mine. It’ll be an interesting adventure. Namaste you all, namaste.


We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! What do you say about what you do at your family reunions? Be sure to leave us your answer and thoughts below.


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